Whether it’s a mother’s breast or a milk bottle, as the “tableware” for the baby to eat, mothers attach great importance to the “tableware” cleaning, but there are many misunderstandings in the specific operation. And cleaning baby tableware can’t be sloppy, the best way is here!

The best cleaning method of baby tableware

Baby tableware should be used separately from adults. When cleaning, you can prepare soda water in the basin and soak it until the dirt in all corners decomposes.

① pour soda water into a basin or a large pot (0.5% is the most appropriate concentration).

② put in the tableware, and the remaining dirt will be dissolved by baking soda and soap, and finally washed clean.

Sterilization of milk bottles

Boiling water can kill all kinds of bacteria. Add baking soda which can decompose the milk oil and protein in boiling water, and it can carry out simple and safe sterilization and disinfection.

① put baking soda in a large heat-resistant bag and put it into boiling water (about 1% concentration).

② open the bottle, put it into the boiling water, and wash it after cooling.

Boil the water in a pot and add baking soda. Avoid using it with air-conditioning equipment and prepare a special pot for disinfection.

Descaling of bottles

The formation of dirt comes from stubborn scale and soap sediment. You can soften the dirt with vinegar, and finally remove it with baking soda.

① fill the bottle (heat and acid resistance) with vinegar, and immerse the mouth of the bottle in boiling water until it cools down.

② pour out the water inside, use a soft brush to brush the inner side of the bottle, and wash it well after cleaning.

Remove the peculiar smell of milk bottle and big cup

Baking soda can break down peculiar smell and deodorize. Every day, the odor in the container will disappear.

① put baking soda into the milk bottle and large cup, fill them with water and wash them. Cold water is OK, but a little temperature will do better. Do not use too hot water.

② it can be placed for several hours or overnight, with better cleaning effect.

Milk is rich in nutrition, and it is easy to breed bacteria at normal temperature. Therefore, for the sake of baby’s health, we should clean the bottle and disinfect it as soon as possible after feeding. If you want to know more about how to disinfect children’s tableware, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to look up, hope to help you!