Since I have a baby, I can’t finish my exercise. If I don’t say anything else, it’s not easy to coax my baby to sleep. Want to let the baby sleep, half day coax not to sleep; easy to coax to sleep, worry more about the problem, the baby is cold, is hot, the baby sleep safety is not safe. So, coax baby to sleep a few wrong ways, did you get the move? Let the small edition of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

Shaking sleep may cause “mild concussion syndrome”. When the baby cries or sleeps restlessly, some anxious mothers will hold the baby in their arms or put it into a cradle to shake it, but this practice is very harmful to the baby, because shaking makes the baby’s brain concussion in the skull cavity, the immature brain collides with the harder skull, causing the small blood vessels on the surface of brain tissue to rupture, causing “slight concussion syndrome”, the lighter Epilepsy, mental retardation and limb paralysis may occur. In serious cases, brain edema may occur, and brain hernia may endanger life.

Accompanying sleeping is not good for the formation of independent personality. From the birth of a baby, we should encourage him to sleep alone and form habits. Even a newborn should not sleep in the same bed with his mother, because if his mother does not pay attention to sleeping, he may hold the baby and cause suffocation.

In addition, if the mother sleeps with her for a long time, the baby will have a kind of “loving mother” dependent psychology. The serious ones are prone to school phobia and exam stress, which is harmful to the physical and mental development of the baby.

Sleeping with lights on all night not only affects your baby’s sleep, but also may increase the risk of myopia. Because the infant’s nervous system is still in the development stage, the adjustment ability to adapt to the environment is poor, and the bedroom lights up all night, which is bound to change the natural law of the day and night that the human body adapts to, thus affecting the normal metabolism of the baby and the secretion of growth hormone, so as to slow down the growth and development of the baby.

So when it comes to putting children to sleep, many mothers make mistakes. Have you ever done the above wrong ways to coax your baby to sleep? If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.