In winter, the cold climate, the baby’s warmth problem can not be ignored, if the child’s parents do not care properly, it is easy to cause the baby’s temperature disorder, serious life-threatening, then how to scientific care in winter? It’s said that opening windows in winter is good for baby’s sleep. What’s the matter!

Can children sleep with windows open?

Sleeping through windows is a kind of exercise, because the facial skin and upper respiratory tract mucosa can promote blood circulation and metabolism and enhance the function of temperature regulation after being stimulated by low temperature and weak airflow. In the warm season, windless weather, you can open the window to sleep. In winter, when the children sleep under the quilt, open the window to cool down the room. For example, the room temperature is 18 ℃, 1 ℃ every two or three days, and 10 ℃ at least. Keep the cold air for a few minutes, and gradually extend it from a few minutes to 30 minutes. When the temperature and duration reach the required standard, close the window immediately to heat up The room temperature is kept between 15 ℃ and 18 ℃.

When opening the window to cool down, avoid the convection wind, do not let the wind outside the window directly blow to the child’s body and head. In winter, cover the open window with a piece of gauze to prevent the wind from blowing directly. Strong wind blows on the child’s face, sometimes it may cause facial nerve paralysis and askew mouth, but there are many reasons for facial nerve paralysis, to prevent the wind blowing directly on the child, mainly to prevent cold.

Why should we encourage children to sleep with windows open?

Opening windows can keep the indoor air fresh, so that children can continuously absorb the fresh air. The fresh air has high oxygen content. Oxygen is an essential substance for human body. Sufficient oxygen supply can promote human metabolism, help the oxidation of fat, protein and carbohydrate to generate heat, and promote the normal life activities. Therefore, we should not only let children breathe more fresh air when they are awake in the daytime, but also open the window to let children bathe in the fresh air even when they are asleep. The stimulation of skin and upper respiratory tract mucosa by low temperature and weak air flow can promote blood circulation and improve the body’s resistance to respiratory diseases, which is very helpful to strengthen the children’s physique and promote growth and development.

Open window sleep can promote children to fall asleep safely, and sleep deeply. When children fall asleep, they can first close the window, then take off their clothes, and then open the window after the quilt is covered. When you get up, you should also close the window and open it after dressing. Be careful not to cross or face the wind. When a weak child or a child sensitive to cold sleeps, it can be far away from the window, for example, the wind is relatively large, and the screen or curtain can be used to prevent the wind from blowing directly. Children should gradually adapt to the habit of sleeping through windows.

Why don’t children sleep with lights on?

Some parents are afraid of their children sleeping at night. They often turn on the lights all night. This is not only a waste of electricity, but also harmful to their children’s health.

Like most living things, people use natural light in an unconscious way, while light can disturb the delicate natural balance of living things. If people live in the light for a long time, the “biological clock” that controls metabolism in the body will be disturbed, thus creating a “light pressure” in the body. “Light pressure” changes the biological and chemical systems of the human body, makes the temperature rise and fall, chemical composition changes, heart beat, pulse, blood pressure, etc. which are very regular and orderly circulation become uncoordinated, leading to the occurrence of diseases. So children should not sleep with the lights on at night.

So it seems that there are many advantages for babies to sleep and open windows. Mothers should form a good habit of opening windows for babies! If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.