Today’s technology is developed, almost every child has an electronic product, no matter where they go, they hold it a little bit and a little bit, and they are very skilled. Some parents think that early access to computers and other electronic products can develop children’s intelligence, but it is not.

Don’t let computers hinder children’s growth

The key of computer’s good and bad to human is whether human can use it correctly. Children deal with computer for a long time. Computer’s symbolic thinking will dominate its basic thinking mode. Piecemeal symbolic machine thinking replaces human’s logical thinking ability. Children’s creativity, imagination and attention are hard to be exercised. Children’s infatuation with computers will also have a bad psychological impact on their cognitive and emotional development. Before children are exposed to the computer, parents should make clear of its disadvantages in order to prevent the impact of improper use on children’s growth.

Reduce children’s imagination and creativity: computers are the most sophisticated instruments in human history. With computers, children no longer need to do too much thinking. All they need to do is learn how to respond to the computer screen to browse the software. This will lead to children’s habit of hastily guessing the answers, and they will no longer seriously and thoroughly think about the problems. At present, the educational software for children mostly belongs to the rote learning mode, which will make children’s imagination narrow, rigid and lose creativity. The study also found that for children who often draw on computers, their ability to draw by hand will be affected.

Destroy the skills of writing and spelling: children can write Chinese characters by themselves, which is helpful to remember and understand the meaning of the characters. Children who type on the keyboard do not need to be proficient in this, because computers will correct their mistakes instead of them, and computers will erode children’s learning opportunities. If we let the machine replace children’s thinking, it will kill their wisdom even more.

Attention deficit: children must learn to focus in order to achieve academic achievements. Focusing can promote children’s memory and listening and reading ability. Various designs in computer software make it difficult for children to settle down to focus on learning a certain subject or completing a certain task.

In addition, the harm of early use of computer to children is shown in: long time in front of the computer screen, electromagnetic radiation will affect the developing brain cells of children; long time watching the computer screen is very harmful to children’s eyes; early attention to the computer, easy to make them have attachment to the computer, reduce their interest in communication with small partners, unwilling to integrate into the surrounding environment, and lack of communication with people General experience will affect the cultivation of children’s healthy emotion.

System computer education only after 7 years old

Whether in terms of knowledge, ability or physical development, preschool children are not suitable for “close contact” with computers. Children’s brain is in a high-speed development period, during which children’s contact with computers can be used as “embellishment” to cultivate cognitive ability. Two year olds can develop perceptual ability by feeling the change of sound color on the computer, and older children can draw pictures on it. Although some children’s computer games help to enhance their coordination and response ability, but the improper control of the scale will make children addicted, so parents are advised to choose carefully.

The best age for children to receive systematic and formal computer education is after 7 years old. At this time, they can learn the operating system. You can start to learn programming when you are about 10 years old, because this is the time when children form the ability of logical reasoning, and there are many software talents who start to emerge when you are 11 or 12 years old.

It’s not that the earlier a child gets to the computer, the better. Some parents have taught their children to use computers for calculation very early, which is actually harmful to their children. The interactivity of the computer and its exquisite effect of sports sound and painting have an irresistible magic to children and even adults. At present, the incidence of glaucoma in children who learn computer early is much higher than other children of the same age. In case of excessive fatigue, it will cause convulsion and epilepsy, and may also affect the normal development of bone due to poor sitting posture.

Parents should remember to prevent children from using computers instead of human brains. Three or four years old is the best time to train children’s ability of counting and thinking. Using computer instead of brain, children lack the opportunity to exercise their own computing ability, which affects the development of children’s thinking skills and memory. Therefore, in early childhood contact with the computer should be based on the understanding of the game, children should not contact the computer more than three times a week. Reporter Liu Dongmei correspondent sun Deli

In short, we can’t change the environment, just for the sake of children, for the sake of a better world in the future, try to give children a pure growth environment. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.