Too much has been said about the right and wrong of computers. Whether the computer is a universal gold key or a monster depends on the attitude of parents. Well used, the computer is a valuable educational toy for the baby, which has a positive role in promoting the growth of the baby. If not well used, it may make the baby become a slave of the computer, seriously endangering the physical and mental health of the baby. So, what are the hazards? What do parents do?

The influence of computer on children’s body and mind

Psychological experts point out that children are attracted by computers and indulge in the computer screen fighting pictures, believing that this is enough to stimulate fun and interesting, so they are unwilling to play with their partners, talk with their parents, contact with the outside world and hate school. All day long, I am infatuated with the computer, the screen, the Internet, like a runaway wild horse, alone, no taboo, galloping, just like a hero. Once you leave the computer and come back to real life, you have to go to school, listen to lectures in class, do homework, and participate in collective activities – as if falling from the sky to the ground, a sense of loss suddenly hit you.

Eager for others to pay attention to themselves, but failed to attract the attention of people around. Bored with the teachings of teachers and parents, unable to talk with students, no one to listen to them, born of a sense of inferiority and resentment, can’t help but produce anxiety, impatience, depression, discontent with the people around, even hostility, feel meaningless, it’s better to play computer fun. So, back to the computer, surfing the Internet, daydreaming. In this way, a vicious circle is formed. The computer “trains” these children to be isolated loners and behave grumpily; they are frightened and uneasy or shrink back from self abasement, afraid to see strangers, do not understand others, and lack the ability of self-expression; they are unwilling to get along with others and cannot feel the good feelings and love of human beings. These have seriously affected children’s physical and mental health and development. When they grow up, they are difficult to adapt to society and become “hermits” divorced from the real world.

In this way, parents must not mistakenly think that they can’t let their children learn computers and prevent them from going online. The key to the problem is to give correct guidance to children. First of all, we should pay attention to cultivating and shaping children’s self-health personality, so that children can realize that computers, no matter how advanced, are also for the service of human beings. They can only be masters of computers, not captives of computers, imprisoned by computers. No more intimacy with computers can replace the intimate feelings, interpersonal relationships and exchanges between people. When children learn how to use computers, they should not be allowed to stay with computers all day long and become “net worms”. Special attention should be paid to children’s use of computers as media, playing video games, watching pornographic videos and violent pornographic films, so as to avoid misdirection and crime.

Children’s learning to use computers and learning should be organically combined. Usually, children and children should play, contact strangers, go shopping alone, or complete a certain task, guide and help them to learn social contact from the contact society, learn various skills from interpersonal communication, and cultivate and train their pro social psychology of cooperation with others. Through contact with nature and society, children can taste the ups and downs of life, improve themselves, develop the character of being brave to face the reality, bear setbacks and failures, modest and prudent, and enterprising. Parents often exchange ideas with their children, learn from each other and encourage them to acquire useful scientific and cultural knowledge from learning to use computers.

&In a word, computers do great harm to children. Don’t let children become lonely “computer people”! Parents can make a lot of things according to their children’s preferences, and let their children’s preferences for computers develop in a healthy direction. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net