It’s cold, everyone can’t use electric heating, air conditioning and other appliances at home. There is electricity everywhere in our life. When we enjoy the convenience brought by electricity, we should also avoid safety accidents. The most common accident is electric shock. However, when the first aid is caused by electric shock, the first condition is to cut off the power supply.

The method of cutting off the power in the first aid of electric shock

In case of electric shock, the most important rescue measure is to cut off the power supply quickly. Before that, the injured cannot be touched, otherwise more people will be shocked.

1. 50-60Hz 110-220V AC has a strong effect on the heart. Ventricular fibrillation is the main cause of electrocution. When the electric flow reaches 18-22 Ma, it will cause the respiratory muscle not to contract at will, which will stop breathing and cause serious asphyxia. The main part of the contact between the electric shock source and the skin is burn. Because of the strong contraction of limb muscles during electric shock, fracture or joint dislocation may occur; electric injury may also cause visceral injury or rupture.

2. If the power supply cannot be cut off for a while, the rescuer shall put on rubber shoes or stand on a dry wooden bench, put on thick plastic gloves with both hands, use dry wooden sticks, shoulder poles, bamboo poles and other non-conductive objects, pick up the wires on the injured, and isolate the injured from the power supply as soon as possible.

3. The first aid for the person with electric shock shall be every second. If the heartbeat breathing is stopped, the resuscitation measures such as mouth to mouth artificial respiration and heart massage outside the chest shall be carried out immediately. Except for a few of the dead who have been proved to be electrocuted, the general rescue maintenance time shall not be less than 60-90 minutes. If the rescuer is out of strength, he / she can rotate until he / she recovers his / her breath and heartbeat, or the diagnosis is hopeless. Patients with respiratory and cardiac arrest are in critical condition. At this time, rescue should be carried out at the same time, and emergency contact should be made to send the patient to the nearest hospital for further treatment. On the way to the hospital, the rescue work cannot be interrupted. It is reported that many patients with cardiac arrest more than 10 minutes have been successfully treated in China.

The above is the knowledge about how to give first aid in case of electric shock. Please don’t go to pull the person in case of panic for a while, which will cause you to get electric shock. In serious cases, both of them may lose their lives. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge about electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s home-based electric shock prevention Safety knowledge column.