Bathing the baby was originally a very happy thing. Only a few minutes of accident happened, leaving the parents heartbreaking pain. So parents should pay attention to the danger, and don’t leave their children alone in the bath.

Xiaowei, 3, has a big bathtub at home, which is the best place for him to play with water. Every time he takes a bath, his mother or father will accompany him. But one day, Xiaowei said he had grown up and wanted to take a bath in the bathtub alone. As a result, he took off his clothes and jumped into the bathtub without waiting for his mother to enter the bathroom.

I didn’t know that the bathtub was very slippery. Xiaowei didn’t stand up. He slipped at his feet and fell into the bathtub at one end. His head also hit the edge of the bathtub. Mom heard the noise, rushed into the bathroom and pulled Xiaowei out of the bathtub, which avoided the tragedy. Since then, Xiaowei has learned a lesson and no one has ever taken a bath in the bathtub.

It is also a common thing in many families for children to play with water while bathing. Some children may also have some risks because of playing with water. For example, the water can be lifted everywhere, so that when walking, the foot slips; or when playing with water, the water can get into the ear, causing otitis media and so on.

In view of these situations, parents must remind their children not to bathe alone in the bathtub before they have the ability to take care of themselves and control themselves.

security policy

1. Lay anti-skid mat outside the bathtub, or change a pair of shoes with anti-skid particles for the child. If possible, it is better to add anti-skid device in the bathtub.

2. Parents should let their children understand the two feelings of cool and hot, and let them know how the water temperature is appropriate.

3. In order to prevent children from jumping into the bathtub when their parents drain water, they must first put cold water and then hot water to prevent scalding.

4. Keep the electric wires and sockets of the water heater away from children’s entanglement or electric shock.

5. Children’s clothes are the best choice for shampoo and shower gel to prevent some irritating chemicals from hurting the delicate skin of children.

&When bathing a baby, many parents always feel that they can only go out for a while without any danger. However, in these seconds, the baby has drowned, fell, scalded and other accidents. Please be alert from now on! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you