Because the baby’s physique is relatively weak, so the decoration of children’s room is very important, and the decoration of children’s room cannot be the same as that of adults’ room. There will be more places to pay attention to in the decoration of children’s room, so it is not convenient, which will only leave hidden dangers to children’s health. Therefore, for the “Lullaby” baby room decoration, safety performance first.

At this stage of “Lullaby”, the baby’s age generally refers to 0-3 years old. The baby’s physiology and psychology begin to develop and improve in the influence of adults and surrounding environment. The main growth time of babies in this age group is spent in the family, so what are their needs for home decoration conditions, and what should parents pay attention to?

★ safety performance

Babies aged 0-6 months spend most of the day sleeping. About 18-20 hours sleep per day, of which about 3 hours sleep very sweet, in a deep sleep state. Sleep about 3 times in the daytime, 2-2.5 hours each time. The biggest requirement for sleep is a safe and comfortable cradle. If there are more scientific and convenient functions, it will help parents and friends to take care of their baby better. For example, the cradle angle can be adjusted at will. The cradle has an automatic voice controller, which will automatically shake when the baby cries. Once the baby sleeps for 10 minutes, it will gradually stop shaking. There is an electronic monitoring probe to observe the sleeping status of the baby. When the baby sleeps When the baby cries, there will be a voice controller to the parents of the neighbors. When the baby urinates in the bed, it will automatically alarm. When the baby’s temperature reaches over 38 ℃, it will automatically alarm. It is expected to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome. It can automatically control the temperature at about 25 ℃, and the height of the mattress can be automatically adjusted so that the head of the family can change the diaper for the baby.

The children aged 6 months to 3 years are growing up gradually, and safety is the most important factor for parents to pay attention to. Babies of this age are sensitive, imitative and active. They always do all kinds of actions and change their ways of activities. In general, for children, it is not activities that cause their fatigue, but monotonous and boring activities that cause boredom. If we understand this feature, we can aim at it in the process of home decoration and home furnishing, so as to avoid the accidental injury of furniture or the psychological influence of decoration caused by children’s active activities at home. In the design, we need to pay attention everywhere, such as setting up guardrails in windows, avoiding edges and corners as much as possible for furniture, and using arc to close the edges, etc.

In the selection of decorative materials, no matter the wall, ceiling or floor, non-toxic and tasteless natural materials should be selected to reduce the indoor pollution caused by decoration. The floor is suitable to use solid wood floor with lead-free paint, and the anti-skid of the floor shall be fully considered. Furniture and building materials should avoid using fragile materials such as glass products as special furniture for children as much as possible. It is better to choose durable furniture with small arc at the corner with strong destructive force to avoid damaging children’s structure by sharp edges and sharp corners. The furniture should rotate stably to prevent shaking or dumping. Open drawers and doors without peculiar smell to prevent air pollution.

Safety is one of the key points in the design of children’s room. In the design of room decoration, to avoid the occurrence of accidental injury, it is suggested that large area of glass and mirror should not be used indoors; edges and corners of furniture and handles should not be left with edges and sharp edges; there should not be any stumbling debris on the ground; power supply is the other aspect of children’s room safety to be considered, to ensure that children’s fingers can not be inserted, and it is best to choose with Cover the socket to eliminate some unsafe factors. At the same time, children like to play on the ground, and the choice of the floor is particularly important. The best choice between children is the easy to clean laminate floor or the cork floor free from injury by falling, or the anti-bacterial floor free from pollution. The carpet between children should be cleaned frequently to avoid mite or bacteria pollution.

In order to let your children grow up healthily, please remember the above precautions for children’s room decoration. If you want to know more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh!