Many parents often say to their children, “don’t disturb me, go to watch TV by yourself.” When children listen to this kind of words a lot, they will gradually take watching TV as their responsibility and think it is a must every day. It’s harmful to children’s physical and mental health, right? Recently, it’s said that watching TV before the baby is 3 years old hurts the brain. Is it true? Baibai security network to decrypt it for you!

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@Child care expert: it’s illegal to let children watch TV before the age of 3 in France. Because watching TV too early can cause irreversible damage to the brain. Watching TV is different from reading, the latter can promote development and improve children’s analytical thinking ability. And watching TV is a passive acceptance behavior, which not only affects vision, but also hinders children’s experience of the real world and limits their imagination.

Decryption: baby 3 years old before watching TV brain injury, is it true?

Experts say

The influence of children’s early watching TV on neurodevelopment

In the past, a candy bean and a clay figurine could make children giggle. Now, these tools for coaxing children have been gradually replaced by TV, mobile phone and computer. Once home, the child will turn on the TV, or pick up their parents’ mobile phones, and parents for the sake of their children obedience, has long been accustomed to. How many parents care about the harm of these electronic products to children’s health!

For the recent online comment that “watching TV before the age of 3 hurts the brain”, Zhou Mengni, deputy chief physician of children’s health care department of Zhengzhou maternal and child health care hospital, said that the so-called child watching TV too early has certain harm to the brain, which is mainly manifested in the child’s brain and nervous system development limitation. Of course, it’s the same with reading mobile phones and computers too early.

“Some children who come to see a doctor are full of online game language, which is not difficult to show the limitations of their thinking,” said Zhou Mengni. In addition, watching TV and playing computer for a long time will undoubtedly affect the brain and nerves of children. “

However, watching TV is defined by three years old. It doesn’t mean that you can’t watch it once before the age of three, but you can let it go after the age of three. The right way is, after the child is sensible, it should be OK to watch half an hour every day, but we must pay attention to the time and distance.

Long time watching TV affects children’s character and physical development

In addition to the effects on nerve development, Zhou Mengni also said that watching TV for too long will lead to poor rest of children, which will affect physical development.

“After 11 p.m. is the most vigorous time for children’s growth hormone secretion. If you watch TV for a long time, it will affect their growth and development.” According to Zhou Mengni, melatonin is closely related to sleep quality. As we all know, infants and young children grow up in sleep. If they watch TV for a long time, melatonin secretion will be inhibited.

In addition, children with long-term television companionship will be more impatient and withdrawn. Therefore, Zhou Mengni reminded the parents that they should often take their children for outdoor activities; the TV should not be placed in the bedroom, so as not to form the bad habit of lying down and watching TV; they should not watch when eating, so as not to concentrate on eating; when watching TV, the parents should watch together with the children as much as possible, and carry out certain exchanges, such as let the children retell the story synopsis, help them to carry out analysis, from And cultivate and develop children’s language expression ability, right and wrong judgment ability and memory ability.

From the perspective of this article, it is not so accurate to say that watching TV before the age of 3 is harmful to the brain. It can only be said that watching TV for a long time is harmful to the brain. Therefore, parents should analyze the rumors scientifically. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, and more details are waiting for you!