The new born baby takes a bath every day, which has many advantages. It can stretch its limbs and make the baby grow faster. In addition, it can also enhance the resistance, keep healthy and not easy to get sick. Plus the baby after a bath more relaxed, sleep quality will be better. Do you get the new baby’s bathing skills?

1. Preparation before bathing

For babies, bathing can not only clean the skin, but also promote blood circulation, appetite, sleep quality and growth. Many new parents attach great importance to bathing their babies, and also attach great importance to preparations before bathing.

When bathing, the room temperature should be kept between 24 ~ 26 ℃. If the indoor temperature is too low, air conditioner and heater can be used to adjust the temperature. The best time for bathing is 50 minutes before feeding or 1-1.5 hours after feeding, which is not easy to cause vomiting.

Prepare bath towels, diapers and clothes to be changed in advance. When it’s cold, it’s best to heat your baby’s underwear first.

Prepare bathtub, towel, bath liquid, powder and other supplies. Put the bath by the tub and open the cap.

Remove the watch, ring and other items that may scratch the baby’s skin, so as not to hurt the baby’s skin.

The water temperature shall be adjusted properly, which shall be subject to neither hot nor cold hands.

You should wash your hands before cleaning.

2. Start bathing

To bathe your baby, follow these steps:

(1) take off clothes. Wrap the baby with a bath towel and put it on his left arm to wash his head and face.

(2) wash the face. Facial cleaning should start from the eyes. In order to prevent dirt from entering the lacrimal duct, the eyes should be wiped from the inside out with cleaning gauze. After one eye is washed, the gauze should be cleaned immediately, and then the other eye should be wiped again. Then, the forehead, face and jaw should be cleaned according to the order. Also, don’t forget to clean the ears, nose, mouth and other parts.

(3) shampoo. Hold the baby’s head with your left hand, and press the two outer ear openings of the baby with your two fingers, so as to prevent water from pouring into the ear, and then gently wash your hair with your right hand, do not use too much force, so as not to scratch the baby’s scalp.

(4) wash the trunk. Untie the bath towel, wet the baby’s chest and back before going into the water, let him gradually adapt to the water temperature, and then put the baby into the tub, and clean it according to the order of hands, chest, abdomen and knees. The sunken part of the body should be scrubbed carefully. Do not immerse the umbilical cord in water before it falls off.

(5) wash the buttocks. Due to the frequent defecation of the baby, bacteria are easy to grow around the buttocks, so the baby detergent should be used for cleaning.

(6) dry the body. Wipe the baby’s body with a warm, absorbent soft towel from top to bottom until it’s dry. Wipe the residual water from the eyes, ears and nose with a cotton swab. Finally, wipe the baby’s navel with 75% alcohol to keep the navel clean.

During the bath, you can talk with your baby and say it while washing, which can eliminate the baby’s tension when bathing.

3. Precautions

When bathing, we should carefully observe the whole body condition of the baby, so as to find out the abnormality as soon as possible and deal with it in time.

Bath time should not be too long, preferably in 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Pay attention to the change of room temperature and heat preservation.

It can not be bathed all over the body and can be wiped locally. When wiping, wipe part to take off part of the clothes, so as to prevent the baby from catching cold.

Pay attention to antiskid and windproof after bath to avoid accidents.

Warm tip: in the process of bathing, you should talk to your baby more, and never let your baby stay in the bathroom alone, so as to avoid accidents. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!