Family is not only the cell of society, but also the most basic place where people live in close contact. If some family members are ill, especially for the elderly and children with low immunity, they are at risk of infection due to exposure to the pathogenic microorganism. At the same time, it is also very important to do a good job in daily family disinfection and prevent the spread of diseases. So what are the commonly used household disinfection methods?

What are the commonly used household disinfection methods?

① sunlight disinfection method: sunlight is rich in ultraviolet, which is a strong natural sterilization factor. When exposed to direct sunlight for 3-6 hours, disinfection can be achieved. This method can be used to disinfect clothes, bedding, blankets, paintings, pillows and other things that are not suitable for other methods of disinfection.

② air disinfection: ventilation is the easiest way to eliminate pathogens in the air by using the mechanical function of air circulation. It can also be used to cook vinegar to spread vinegar molecules in the air, which can kill and inhibit pathogens. It can be sterilized by cooking vinegar. You can first close the doors and windows, then pour 3-10ml vinegar (average space per cubic meter) into a small pot or enamel bowl, and burn it directly on the stove. The vinegar molecules in the steam are used to clean the air, which can refresh your mind and prevent breathing The role of infectious diseases by suction.

③ boiling disinfection method: the boiling method can make the protein in bacteria coagulate and denature. This method is simple, economical and practical, which can be used for all the boiling glass, enamel ware, tableware and clothes. When disinfecting, immerse the articles in water, cover the lid, boil for 5-10 minutes (30 minutes in case of epidemic disease) to achieve the goal of disinfection.

④ breath disinfection method: some items that can not be boiled in water can be packed and put into a breathing cage or pressure cooker to be removed. The general bacteria can be killed by using 100 ℃ steam for about 30 minutes.

⑤ chemical disinfection method: rubber products or large furniture can be washed or wiped with 3% Lysol, soaked, quicklime and mercury preparation can also be used to coagulate and denature the protein in bacteria.

Do a good job in family disinfection, remember these are knowledge points ~ the last hundred hundred safety net reminds that family disinfection (chemical agent) should not be excessive, and improper disinfection can counter poisoning. If you have a special patient in your home who needs to be disinfected, you should consult a professional. If you want to know more about children’s bedding need to be disinfected, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!