Does the child change a tooth can have a fever? Many children will feel very uncomfortable when changing their teeth, but during the change of teeth, the child will not have a fever. If there is a fever, the parents can find other reasons. During the change of teeth, the parents can properly give the child some hard food to help the child change teeth.

The normal body temperature of children is 36.3-37.2. If the body temperature is higher than this, it means fever. Generally, the temperature below 38 degrees belongs to low fever, and the temperature above 39 degrees is high fever. Fever is generally an inflammation problem in the body. It is necessary to test blood routine and find out the infection focus of the body combined with clinical symptoms, and then actively use antibiotics to control infection. Fever is generally the cause of inflammation in the body, and tooth replacement will not cause hair Burn.

We have learned the common sense about whether children will have fever when they change teeth. In addition, we have a lot of knowledge about children’s diseases. If you are interested, you can continue to pay attention to it, so that children can grow up healthily.