We may be exposed to a variety of germs when we are outside every day, and they will be brought to our home inadvertently. These germs brought in and potential germs in the family environment leave a hidden danger to the family. However, many people do not use household disinfection products very well. So, do you get the correct use of these household disinfection products?

Correct use of household disinfection products

At present, there are a lot of household disinfection products on the market, which makes consumers a little dizzy. Generally speaking, chlorinated disinfectant can achieve good disinfection effect. 84 disinfectant and 1:99 bleach sold on the market are very suitable for home use. As long as the scientific disinfection method is followed and the instructions are strictly followed, it will neither harm the body nor pollute the environment.

■ 84 disinfectant, peracetic acid: it is mainly used for disinfection of floors, walls, doors and windows in public places such as hospitals. It is highly corrosive and is not suitable for general household disinfection. 0.5% Peracetic acid solution can be used to disinfect the car compartment. The household washing machine can be sterilized with 84 disinfectant every two or three months.

■ 94 disinfectant: non toxic and non irritating, it can quickly kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of fruits, clothes, tableware and other utensils and objects.

■ lysozyme: it is suitable for household use and can kill bacteria. Generally, add 3-5 drops of water into a drum of washing machine. The clothes and sheets can be soaked for half an hour to an hour and then washed with water. It can also be mixed into 1% ~ 3% solution to wipe indoor furniture and floor.

■ bleaching powder: 1% to 3% of the liquid prepared with bleaching powder can be used to spray or wipe bathrooms and toilets; 0.5% of the liquid can also be used to soak bowls, spittoons, bedpans and contaminated clothes.

Conclusion: pay attention to and do a good job in daily family disinfection, let the family become a harbor of everyone’s peace of mind. If you want to learn more about children’s bedclothes need disinfection online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.