At the beginning of the program, animated characters appeared on the TV screen, singing children’s songs and playing games with a group of children. The baby, who is not as tall as the TV, stands in front of the screen and looks up, concentrating and staring at the screen. But you know what? Children TV injuries can not be ignored!

1. Frequent TV injuries

The researchers calculated that about every half hour a child was taken to hospital with a television injury. Nearly two-thirds of children under the age of five were injured by television. Boys are more likely to be injured than girls because they account for more than 60 percent of such incidents

2. TV accidents often cause head and neck injuries

The most common injuries caused by falling off the TV are head and neck injuries, which account for nearly two-thirds. It is estimated that 13% of children under the age of 5 have suffered from mild concussion, the proportion of older children and adolescents is slightly lower than 8%, and about one fifth of children have suffered leg injuries due to television.

3. Old TV sets are more likely to cause injuries

The researchers point out that although most of the traditional big TVs have been replaced by flat-panel TVs. However, injuries to children caused by various shapes, sizes and models of television still occur from time to time. Many families don’t throw away old TVs directly, but move them to places that are still potentially dangerous, such as dressers, wardrobes or other rooms that are not often used.

4. The new flat panel TV may also cause injury accidents

Most TV injuries are caused by old TVs, the researchers said, because: first, old TVs are often placed in unsafe places; second, their weight tends to cause harm to children and require medical attention. But the researchers also stressed that the new flat-panel TVs are also dangerous. Although they are light in weight, they are bulky, which greatly increases the possibility of overturning. The researchers call on parents to remember that their children are very curious and don’t put anything beautiful on TV, because children, especially those who have just learned to walk, may be tempted to climb up to the TV and get what they want.

5. To improve the safety standard of TV

The researchers say they hope that their research results will attract many people’s attention, arouse parents’ high awareness of the possible harm caused by TV, and have a clearer understanding of the physical threat of each new TV. It is also hoped that the safety standard of TV will be stricter. It is better for TV to be equipped with safety harness, soft corner protector and anti toppling device.

Therefore, in order to prevent children from being hurt by TV, we should try our best to keep children away from TV and not leave them at home to watch TV alone. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!