There are many kinds of tableware in the market, with different materials and styles. How to choose safe tableware for children has become the most concerned issue for mothers. When you buy safe and reassuring tableware, you should also pay attention to the problem of cleanliness and sanitation when using it. You must keep the “disease from the mouth” check well! & nbsp; so, how can you distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of baby tableware when selecting it?

How should parents distinguish the good from the bad in selection?

There are hidden dangers in the decorative patterns of some tableware and some colorful plastic tableware. For example, the pigments used in colorful ceramic tableware generally contain a certain amount of lead and cadmium. When using these tableware for a long time to contain foods with high organic acid content such as vinegar, juice, vegetables, etc., the heavy metals such as lead in tableware will enter the baby’s body together with the food and accumulate. Over time, it will cause chronic lead poisoning. Babies absorb lead six times faster than adults, and excessive lead can have a negative impact on their intellectual development.

Fragile tableware baby’s movement is also very clumsy, “Miss” may occur frequently. On the one hand, it will cause waste of food and utensils; on the other hand, it may scratch the baby. In addition, it is easy to lose the confidence of children to learn to eat by themselves. The speaker of the house building chooses regular and safe porcelain like and plastic tableware, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene plastic products, etc.

Adult tableware do not let baby use adult tableware in order to save money. It is not suitable in terms of volume or weight. Too big tableware is difficult for baby to control, which increases the difficulty for baby to learn how to eat by himself.

Chopsticks can only be used when the baby is 3-4 years old. Pay attention to the color paint chopsticks in the use process, the paint will peel off, which will also enter the baby’s body with food, harmful to the baby’s health. Parents should choose non-toxic and hygienic bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks.

For this kind of baby’s close contact with the goods, the mother must make a good check, do not let the tableware cause serious harm to the baby. The common sense about how to disinfect children’s tableware is still being updated. Please continue to pay attention to this website!