Apart from nursing and changing clothes, the longest thing a mother can do is wash her baby’s face. Wash face this matter, say big not small, say small not small. Nowadays, many young mothers should pay more attention to face washing, after all, it is good for facial skin care. Therefore, it is important to wash the baby’s face. So, how to wash the baby’s face correctly, do you know?

Eye care of newborn

When cleaning the baby’s eyes, use a clean face towel to wipe the inner and outer corners of the eyes close to the nose. If the newborn’s eyes continue to shed tears, it may be because his lacrimal gland is blocked. This condition is common and gradually self-healing at 12 months of age.

Sometimes newborn’s eyes will have a lot of yellow secretion, but as long as the conjunctiva of TA’s eyeball is still white, there is no need to worry. If you see this secretion, remember to use a clean towel paper dipped in warm water to wipe it from the inner corner of the eye near the nose to the outer corner of the eye three times a day.

Before and after cleaning the eyes of the newborn, parents should wash their hands to prevent the eyes of the newborn from bacterial infection. If the conjunctiva of the newborn’s eyeball is red or there are a lot of secretions, parents should contact the doctor as soon as possible when they suspect the infection.

Nursing of newborn’s ears

Babies can use the intonation of their relatives and friends and all kinds of sounds to feel the external environment. Therefore, if babies can be given more appropriate stimulation before the age of 1, it will be very helpful for the future development of listening, speaking and intelligence. At ordinary times, the eardrum of the baby should be protected from injury, and attention should be paid to whether the newborn has obvious feelings for the relatively stimulating sound, and the child should be prevented from being in a noisy environment for a long time.

1 / 3 of the ear canal has the ability to discharge earwax normally. Therefore, it is not necessary to dig earwax for the baby at ordinary times. As long as the ear canal is dry, earwax will be discharged naturally.

If you want to help your baby clean, it is recommended to use a cotton stick to clean the visible area, avoid deep penetration, and do not need to dip in water, because the baby’s earwax itself is wet.

Nursing of nose of newborn

Newborn can only use the nose for breathing. If the nose is blocked, it will block breathing, which may cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to the observation of the nostrils of the newborn, clean the nose dirt and snot for him in time, fix the head of the baby with hands when cleaning, and gently rotate the cotton swab in the nasal cavity to remove the dirt, but do not extend too deep. In case of consolidated nasal scale and snot, do not pull or pull hard, but try to soften it and take it out, and do not touch the nasal mucosa of the child during the operation. If the nasal excrement is near the middle of the nasal cavity, moisten it with warm water with a cotton swab first, and then roll it out after the secretion is moistened or discharge it when the child sneezes.

Newborns often sneeze, and there are certain secretions, these secretions will form nasal excrement for a long time, if the nasal excrement plug the nostrils, the breathing sound will be very loud. Parents need to distinguish whether the baby has a cold or a blocked nose. They can pay attention to the condition of the baby’s sucking and sleeping. If everything is normal, it is not caused by a cold. Can 1 ~ 2 days clean a nose, even if not clean, sometimes the baby sneeze will also spray out.

This is the general steps to wash the face of children. It seems very simple, but there are some taboos to wash the face of children, which are often ignored by many people! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!