It is very important to control the water temperature for bathing the newborn. Whether the water temperature is too high or too low, it will cause discomfort to the baby. It may be scald or cold, so it is very important to control the water temperature for bathing the baby. So, baby, do you know the function of water temperature meter when bathing?

Bathe the baby in moderate temperature, scald the baby’s delicate skin easily when the water is too hot, and catch cold easily when the water is too cold.

In medicine, it is recommended that the water temperature be about 37 ℃ – 40 ℃, but it is not accurate to measure the water temperature only by the hand of adults.

When used:

*Please put hot water first and then water thermometer;

*Mix the hot water and measure again;

*After use, please dry the water and put it in a cool place;

*Please pay attention to falling on the ground or using carelessly, the thermometer will break down.

When bathing:

*Before putting the baby in the bathtub, be sure to confirm the temperature by hand;

*The temperature of hot water is 38 ℃ in summer and 40-42 ℃ in winter;

*The indoor temperature is 20 ℃ – 23 ℃, especially when it is cold in winter;

*In order to prevent the baby from fatigue, please avoid taking a bath for a long time, and take out the baby immediately within 5 to 7 minutes;

*One hour before and after breastfeeding, please avoid bathing.

Be careful:

Before use, please confirm to stop using immediately in case of the following situations:

*The red temperature sensing liquid is broken;

*The temperature before use is different from that at room temperature;

*Broken glass tube and leaking liquid.

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