Home decoration is a major event in life, which determines the quality of your life. Some home decoration can be magnificent, some can be simple and elegant. However, no matter how effective your home decoration is, do you know the safety matters to be paid attention to in home decoration? Do you know the decoration? Today, Xiaobian will sort out some safety issues that need to be paid attention to, hoping to help you re understand the importance of home decoration.

Safety precautions for home decoration

Anti electric shock, socket installation protection device. Children are very active and their sockets are too low. They may put their fingers in and cause electric shock. During decoration, the socket shall be installed at a height of 1.4m from the ground, and the socket at the lower part shall be equipped with a child protector of power socket; the wiring board shall be fixed and cannot be hung on the electrical appliance; the toilet wires shall be arranged properly, and the joints and sockets shall not be exposed, so as to avoid short circuit caused by humidity.

Prevent falling. The distance between protective rails is less than 6cm. Balconies and windows are very attractive for children with strong curiosity. If the protective facilities are improper, it is easy to cause potential safety hazards. Guo Chunhua, senior engineer of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., told life times that windowsills and balconies above the second floor should be equipped with protective fences with a spacing of less than 6cm. For the sake of safety, you can add another layer of anti-theft window, which can choose the type of “up sparse and down dense”, which is safe and does not affect the lighting.

The living room is equipped with a complete set of keys. Almost every door in the house has the function of “anti lock”. Tang Dinghua, director of the emergency department of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, pointed out that if children are locked in the room, they may climb the balcony and window because of curiosity or fear, causing potential safety risks. If it is locked in the toilet with complex water and electricity lines, children will touch and move in disorder when they are in a panic, and there are endless hidden dangers. Parents should try not to leave their children at home alone, and keep a set of door keys for each room in the living room in case of emergency; if the door is equipped with a latch, make sure that the latch is at a high place, so as to prevent children from entering the door because of curiosity, and it may not open after being inserted.

Anti pollution, children’s room color should not exceed 4 kinds. Bright and bright colors are conducive to the development of children’s vision and meet their psychological needs. However, Song Guangsheng, director of the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee, reminded that among the decoration materials for children’s houses, wall materials are one of the biggest sources of pollution. In particular, the content of heavy metals in paints and coatings that are too bright is relatively high. Long term exposure may cause heavy metal poisoning in children. Generally speaking, the paint and coating of children’s room should be water-based, and the main colors should be three or four. The soft and bright colors such as pink and sky blue are preferred. You can hang some colorful pictures and toys, which can not only enrich indoor color, but also reduce pollution. Some children like to daub and draw on the wall. They may as well design a washable wall for their graffiti.

Anti pinch, door, cabinet door and toilet cover are equipped with damping parts. The active children like to make the door and cupboard door. Due to the untimely reaction, the pinch injury happens from time to time. The door, wardrobe door, cabinet door and other doors are equipped with damping parts, the resistance will increase when closing the door, and the speed of the door movement will slow down, which can protect the children to a certain extent and prevent pinch injury. Families with little boys should change a toilet ring with light weight and damping deceleration device, and usually put the toilet seat up, even if it suddenly falls down, it will be very slow, so as not to hurt the boy’s genitals. In addition, the drawers for storing sharp objects such as scissors, needles and threads shall be locked, and the objects shall be locked in time after taking and putting.

In case of strangulation, the desk lamp does not need to be tied, and the curtain rope should be rolled up. Children like to pull things. Wires, lights and curtains are all attractive “toys”. In 2010, Swedish IKEA recalled about 3.4 million shutters and roller blinds in the United States. According to the announcement, the pull ropes of these products can not be fixed and easily slide down. They will wrap around the neck of children and even strangle them. The lamps and lanterns in children’s room can be inductive or button type; floor lamps or floor fans are not placed at home, so as not to hit or entangle children when pulling wires; when the curtain cord is not used, it should be rolled up and fixed at a high place, or the curtain with cord is not used.

Anti collision, furniture design in line with safety standards. Pay attention to the design safety when purchasing furniture, carefully check the details such as edges, rivets, screws, etc., select furniture with smooth edges and corners, or wrap it with sponge, rubber or special table foot cover to avoid collision risk; if there is a stair in the home, install a fence wrapped with soft cloth at the stair mouth to avoid collision damage after the child falls. Guo Chunhua reminded that there are still some details to be noticed, such as bathtub, hot water and washing articles, which are hidden dangers in the bathroom. Do not let children stay alone beside the bathtub with water; do not lay a tablecloth on the table to prevent scalding caused by overturning hot soup or hot porridge; install protective devices at the switch of water dispenser and gas stove to prevent children from playing with them; there are many dangerous articles in the kitchen, so children Children are easy to cause danger after entering, so they can lock the kitchen after finishing the meal.

As for the knowledge of decoration, we laymen don’t know much about it. Since we don’t know about it, let’s give it to professionals. What kind of good knowledge about children’s protective fence is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website!