Some mothers will reduce the frequency of bathing their babies even once a month if they are afraid that they will catch cold in winter. But in fact, bathing is good for our baby. It can not only clean the skin, promote blood circulation, ensure skin health, improve the adaptability of the baby to the environment, but also comprehensively check whether the baby’s skin is abnormal, and massage and move the baby’s whole body. But do you think about bathing baby every day?

When a baby’s umbilical stub falls off, you can give the baby a regular bath. The frequency of bathing your baby is entirely up to you. It’s also good if you want to bathe your baby every day. But it must be remembered that too warm water may cause the baby’s skin to become very dry. At this time, it is recommended that the baby use a gentle baby lotion to help the baby keep the skin hydrated.

Can I bathe my baby every day

In fact, two weeks after the baby is born, the mother can bathe her baby every day. Of course, some people also think that it is necessary to take a bath every day, because the baby’s diaper pad for a long time will also be exposed to germs. So bathing keeps the baby clean and fresh. But no matter how often you decide to bathe your baby, precautions must be taken to prevent accidents in the bathtub. Try not to make the fishing port too full. Also have a thermometer to better grasp the temperature of water.

2. Umbilical cord problem

Remember, when the baby’s umbilical stub is not off, it’s best not to bathe the baby, you can use a mild towel to wipe the baby’s body. But once the child’s umbilical stub is removed, the mothers can bathe the child. But it’s important to remember to check the temperature of the water and never leave your child alone in the tub in case of an accident. Bathe your baby with bath gel. This is a good idea to prevent dry skin. It can also kill bacteria. If you don’t know how to choose the right shower gel for your baby, you can consult an expert or a family doctor.

III. precautions for baby bathing

When bathing your baby, you must pay attention to the amount of water in the bath and the temperature of the bath water. In order to avoid any accidents when the child takes a bath. Dirt may hide in your baby’s ankles, armpits, etc. to hide dirt. So mother should pay special attention to these places when bathing her baby. When the baby grows up a little bit, when the baby can stand up and walk, it can put the baby in the ordinary bath.

Conclusion: parents don’t need to worry, as long as you follow the steps to prepare, understand the baby bathing precautions, bathing your baby will become a pleasant thing, but also to promote parent-child communication. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!