It is believed that this appeal has shocked all parents, because computers, as a modern life equipment, have become increasingly magical for children. But in recent years, the research on “early use of electronic products will affect children’s development” is endless. So, is it good for the baby to touch the computer early? Parents deserve a look!

Does darling touch computer prematurely good?

Early childhood education experts believe that children before the age of three do not need computers, they need to understand the world. By the age of three and a half, the vast majority of children are able to use the mouse. Children of this age are very interested in computers and unconsciously learn some knowledge from them. If your children have a rudimentary knowledge of computers before they go to school, they will be more likely to succeed in school.

The following are what parents need to pay attention to before they let their baby learn computer: first, when the baby’s physiological development is approaching maturity, it is the appropriate age for learning computer, especially the necessary conditions for muscle development and hand eye coordination. If the hand development is not complete, even the mouse can not operate freely, of course, there is no way to use the computer. Second, the baby has certain cognitive ability. If he can’t understand the basic concepts of a computer (for example, moving a mouse on a desk is equivalent to moving an indicator on a computer screen), forcing him to do so may be futile

Finally, I need to remind you not to let your child become a computer loner. If you find a baby at home playing computer alone, your parents should spare time to accompany him or discuss with your child and invite his friends to have fun with him.

Precautions for children playing computer

★ it is better to play computer for half an hour, otherwise it will hurt the baby’s vision.

★ the height of desks and chairs should be consistent with the height of children.

★ the distance from the computer screen (preferably LCD or flat screen) should be kept at about 45cm.

★ add goggles in front of the screen to prevent eyes from over fatigue.

★ pay attention to radiation.

The above is about whether it is appropriate for children to contact computers too early. Parents should wait until the baby reaches the age to guide the baby to learn computers in the right way. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!