As we all know, bathing your baby in winter is a troublesome thing. If you don’t pay attention to your baby, you will catch a cold. How can you prevent your baby from catching a cold in winter? Here’s the answer! Let’s learn how to take a bath in winter without catching cold?

Tips for bathing your baby in winter.

Turn on the bath master or the heater in advance to heat up the bathroom. This is the first step!

The baby can’t accept the temperature difference after taking off his clothes for a while, so don’t worry too much about sneezing. Xiaobian suggested that before bathing the baby, the mother might as well make adequate preparations. Here are some tips for mothers to prepare in advance:

You can turn on the bath bully before bathing your baby. When the temperature in the bathroom is high, you can go in and take a bath.

Parents need to pay attention to the fact that they can’t let the baby’s eyes shine directly when using the bath bully. It’s better to turn it off when bathing.

Turn on the heater in advance without Yuba.

Wash your baby’s hair and bath separately

When you wash your hair, you should pay attention to the warmth of your baby’s body. Don’t take off your underwear first, or wrap your body with a large towel. After you wash your head, wrap a towel on your baby and then wash your body, so it’s not easy to get cold.

When bathing, immerse the baby’s body in the water. If the water is cold, heat the water in time. Before heating the water, hold the baby away from the water injection area to avoid scalding.

Hot water, towels and clothes are prepared in advance and put in the bathroom

When bathing your baby, you may as well use some hot water to prevent the baby from relying on the water during the bathing process. When the water temperature drops, you can supplement it in time. When the baby is a little older, you can take a shower, so the water temperature is not easy to get cold!

In addition, baby’s special bath gel and shampoo should be placed in the most weighing position to ensure that they can be easily and quickly taken when bathing.

When daubing the baby, you can encourage the baby to do it together, which not only increases the fun of bathing, but also shortens the time of scrubbing the baby.

Autumn and winter bath is the most worth reminding mom, towels, clothes must be prepared in advance, so that once the baby out of water can also timely wear insulation.

It is suggested that parents should first warm their baby’s clothes with an electric heater, so that the baby will be comfortable and warm after bathing!

Wash the baby as soon as possible, or the skin will dehydrate

In autumn and winter, bath your baby in a hurry. Pay attention not to indulge your baby blindly. Let your baby depend on water. If you catch a cold for a long time, it won’t pay.

Baby in water immersion time is too long, the skin is easy to dehydrate, will aggravate the skin dryness. It is recommended that the bath time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Mother should also try to avoid the baby’s body exposed for too long and cold. When washing, she must keep her hands and feet sharp, and try to be orderly, fast and not disorderly: put on clothes and pants for the baby with cream and powder on the hands, clamp the baby on the feet to prevent slipping, and coax the baby with a story in her mouth, and complete a series of actions in the shortest time.

PS: it’s better to drink some water for your baby after taking a bath and getting dressed. Pay attention to the baby’s health, we should start from bathing. Bathing can reduce the damage of baby’s skin, help baby’s physical and mental health, and help baby develop good habits.

Warm tip: mom must be attentive when bathing her baby. Even if there is a phone call or other things, they should wash them before handling them. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!