It’s a big deal for new mothers to bathe their babies, often in a hurry. Adjust the water temperature, prepare items, bath order and methods, how to touch the baby after washing, so that she can sleep comfortably! So, does the baby have to take a bath every day? What needs attention?

Do babies have to bathe every day

Take care to keep warm and safe when bathing the baby. It is best to take a bath with clear water, not more than 10 minutes each time.

The baby’s skin is different from that of adults. Their skin is thinner and more delicate. Bathing every day can make the baby clean, but it may also cause skin dryness. Especially for children whose skin is dry, if they soak in water every day, they may dehydrate their skin, become drier, or even peel. If the bath time for children is too long, it will make the cuticle on the outside of the skin absorb water and become soft, reducing the resistance of the skin.

In addition, it’s not necessary to use bath fluid every time to bathe the child, just wash with clear water.

There is a layer of grease on the outside of the child’s skin, which plays an important role in keeping the skin moist, reducing external stimulation and keeping warm. Many body lotions are alkaline, which will damage this layer of grease and make the skin dry and rough. If you use the body lotions repeatedly, you may form sensitive skin.

Therefore, if the child is not too dirty, do not wash every day, according to the specific situation every other day or two, and the bath fluid is also used once a week. If you need to take a bath every day when it’s hot, just rinse with water.

● precautions for baby bathing

1. Be careful when cleaning sensitive parts

When cleaning the nose, ears and other parts, you should be very careful, and only need to help the baby to clean the places you can see. Never try to clean the deep part of the ear and nose.

2. Choose bath products carefully

When choosing soap, shower gel and other products for babies, we should try to choose products designed for infants with small irritation.

3. Master private cleaning skills

When cleaning the female baby’s vagina, you only need to clean the vulva, and the cleaning should be done in the order from the front to the back, so as to prevent the bacteria in the anus from infecting the vagina. When cleaning the private place for the male baby, never push the foreskin of the baby upward to try to clean it, so as not to damage the foreskin of the baby.

4. Skills in cord cleaning

When cleaning the umbilical cord for children, it is necessary to dip a clean cotton swab in alcohol, wipe the wrinkled skin carefully, and then dry it with a dry cotton swab, and if necessary, put some talcum powder on the baby.

5. How to clean the butt

Special attention should be paid to wash the baby’s small butts, which can be thoroughly cleaned with soft wipes or cloth dipped in warm water.

Xiaobian reminded that children should not bathe their children on the day of injection or in the next few days to prevent infection. If you want to learn more about the health habits children need to cultivate online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.