About half of the newborns have such a problem. A few days after birth, they grow a lot of “zits” on their faces like teenagers. Parents are very confused. What’s the matter? Does the newborn also grow “whelk”? How to distinguish? Let’s learn something about it with Xiaobian.

● what is neonatal acne

Acne, as people call it, is a common skin disease of teenagers. However, it is not uncommon for whelks to occur in newborns. The baby’s facial skin is very delicate. If the care is not good, the skin rash will become infected and fester, and will break. After healing, it will form scars and pimples, or become a small pit of depression, which will affect the child’s appearance and even cause lifelong regret. Therefore, when a baby has zits on his face, his mother should not take it lightly.

● how to diagnose your baby for acne

It occurs at the age of 3 months to 2 years, and the number of boys is slightly higher than that of girls. The skin lesions begin as scattered blackhead and acne, a few may develop papules and pustules, occasionally with nodules or cysts. It is often found on both cheeks, but also involving the forehead and chin. Acne can subside in a few weeks, pimples and pustules can be cured in 6 months, after which, sunken scars can be left. A few of them can last for more than one year, and are prone to disease in adolescence.

● how to care for acne in newborn

1. Pay attention to the baby’s skin health.

Wash your baby’s face with warm water every day, wipe some baby soap, wash it gently, and then rinse it off. Use a clean and soft dry towel to dry the water on your face. Then squeeze some milk on your face to moisturize your skin.

2. Prevent pinching and treat properly.

When parents find that the head of the children’s face has acne, they should not squeeze it with their hands. Sulfur preparation can be used externally to promote smooth secretion of sebum. In case of inflammatory abscess, apply chlorpromycin acne water to reduce the formation of fatty acid and eliminate inflammation. If the infection is serious, it should be treated with antibiotics under the guidance of dermatologist.

3. Mom should pay attention to the balance of diet. Eat less sweets and sweets, not high-fat and spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which is conducive to the cleansing of milk, the child eat such milk, which is conducive to recovery.

4. Let the baby drink more boiled water. Do not feed sugar water or other drinks, and pay attention to the unobstructed stool to prevent constipation.

In a word, acne can be controlled as long as children’s diet is reasonably arranged and necessary medication is needed. Even if the control is not satisfied for a while, acne will gradually disappear with the increase of weaning time. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!