For the new parents, it’s not a worry to deal with the problem of bathing or feeding the baby first. So, can babies drink milk before bathing? Is the new baby bathed first or fed first.

Does the newborn take a bath or nurse first?

It is better to bathe the newborn before feeding or 1-1.5 hours after feeding, otherwise it may cause vomiting. When bathing the newborn, it is necessary to avoid the frontal blow of gust to prevent cold sickness.

Temperature. When bathing, the room temperature should be kept at 22-26 ℃, and the water temperature should be kept at 38-40 ℃. Whether the water temperature is suitable or not is best judged by a thermometer.

Prepare the newborn before bathing. Before taking a bath, prepare the baby’s special bath tub, small towel, bath towel, etc.

Bathing sequence of newborn. When bathing, wash your hair first, and then wash your body after changing the clear water, so as to reduce the chance of the dirty water entering the lower body of the newborn to cause inflammation.

Newborns don’t have to bathe too often. The sweat excretion of newborn is limited, so it is not necessary to bathe every day. It can be washed once every other day in hot days and once every two days in cold days.

The above is the introduction of whether the newborn should take a bath first or nurse first. Now it should be understood. It is very important for the correct feeding of the child. Parents should know how to find the right way. Sometimes they can’t just rely on their own feelings. I hope this article can help you. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.