In daily life, in order to let children rest, especially in public places, a smart phone, a tablet computer will let children sit there obediently, parents do not have to coax their children. It’s not good to cause children not to love reading. So how can parents cultivate their baby’s reading habits?

I. open up children’s exclusive reading area at home

Parents who love reading have their own bookshelves and desks. If possible, it is suggested to open up a special reading area for the baby, such as planning his own bookshelf and reading space. Such a “sense of ceremony” makes baby know clearly from childhood that reading is a part of his own life.

In his own reading space, he has full reading freedom and reading choice. It seems that he has found the small world he belongs to. In the small study, he will have a special sense of belonging to his small space.

Give books as gifts instead of toys in festivals

In the age of abundant material resources, there are more and more opportunities for babies to receive gifts. If you intend to cultivate his good habit of loving books and reading, you may as well give the baby a beautifully packaged book as a gift on a grand holiday, such as Christmas, Spring Festival or birthday. This way to let baby realize that the book is very precious, is a reward and reward for him. Consciously suggest a family tradition: no barbie dolls or remote-controlled cars for grand festivals. Because these gifts are not as special as books.

3. The family reserves time for group reading every day

Make an appointment with your baby to form a family habit of reading aloud with him. Even if he doesn’t know a few words, even if he only has about 10 minutes a day, and recites a small story or poem together at a relatively fixed time every day, it’s also a good way for him to fall in love with books and reading. We can start with the simple works, and then stick to it step by step, so that the baby can experience a kind of minefield similar to the performance in the loud reading, and the colleagues can feel the treasure contained in the book more deeply.

IV. regularly exchange old books with good friends

On the one hand, it saves reading costs, and on the other hand, it increases the chances for babies to communicate with others through the exchange of books. In fact, babies are more likely to communicate than adults, especially with peers. As a parent, you can arrange regular book exchange activities with other baby’s parents in the community, which is an opportunity for the baby to re-examine the reading wealth he has. In addition, book exchange reading also gives babies the opportunity to learn about other children’s reading content, so as to expand their reading capacity. Colleagues also improve their social ability.

So Xiaobian wants to say that if you don’t let your children be “kidnapped” by electronic products, cultivate them to love reading! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you