When winter vacation comes, students have more time to surf the Internet. Some children are crazy to play computer games during the winter vacation, or even stay up late to play. This is especially harmful to the eyes. In addition, there are many unexpected hazards for parents. Come and have a look.

1. Children waste time playing computer

If children play computer for a long time, they will be addicted to Internet and waste a lot of time, which will inevitably affect their learning and hinder their all-round development.

2. Children’s playing computer is not conducive to physical development

Children are infatuated with computers and sit beside them every day. Lack of necessary physical exercise is not conducive to physical development. Children are often in one position when they play with computers. Hands only, the rest of the body is often at rest, which is very bad for the baby who is growing up. If you don’t exercise, all kinds of organs of the body can’t get corresponding exercise, the basic quality of the body will become worse. Do not go out to play, not to the sun, will cause serious calcium deficiency, will seriously affect the height of children.

3. Impact on children’s vision

When babies play with mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products, their eyes will be used more frequently. In infancy, the eyes are still in the development stage, too frequent use of the eyes, has an impact on vision. Moreover, the screen color on mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products is too bright, too fast shaking, which will cause a strong burden on the baby’s eyes, and even cause blindness.

4. Computer radiation is bad for health

There is strong radiation around electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets, which is not good for baby’s health. It’s best to keep babies away from these sources. Especially when picking up the phone, be sure to pick up the phone at a long distance from the baby, because at that time, the radiation around the mobile phone is the strongest.

5. Affect children’s language function

Children who often play with mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products only play with computers, which is easy to affect the development of language function. They don’t like to talk and lack communication with people around them. Whether it is

6. It is easy to cause children’s inattention

Professor Frederick Zimmerman and colleagues from the Institute of child health, School of public health, University of Washington, investigated more than 1000 parents. They found that using software to develop intelligence is not good for the normal development of children under 2 years old, and may even affect their ability to learn words.

In recent years, the high-level thinking ability of 14-year-olds is only equal to that of 12-year-olds in 1976, which is related to the popularity of TV and computer games, as well as frequent examinations in schools. Many psychological education and medical workers have found in practice that children who use too many electronic products have poor control ability and inattention, low sensitivity to environmental stimulation, low level of self-control, weak willpower and emotional instability.

In fact, say so much, do not let the computer “harm” our children! The most important or the best way to solve the problem is to let the baby read more books or play with toys. Parents can also put down their less stressful work and drink more babies to communicate with each other, so that the baby won’t stay next to the computer with you. In this way, there is no need to mention the harm of computers to babies. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.