We often hear a saying: “don’t let children lose at the starting line.” Now there are many parents who are very anxious. They are constantly “speeding up” in the process of raising their children. They always want to stimulate their baby’s potential as soon as possible and accomplish something beyond their peers. But there are many things for children, in fact, it is “not too early” to try, such as computers.

Children’s exposure to computers before the age of 4 does more harm than good

Many parents in order to better develop their children’s intelligence in the Enlightenment period, let their children start to contact the computer when they are 2-3 years old, and think that it can make their children take the first step towards the starting point of the technological world. From the point of view of physical and mental characteristics, it does more harm than good to children’s physical health and intellectual development.

The electromagnetic radiation of computer affects the development of brain cells of children. Long time in front of the computer screen makes children stay in the electromagnetic radiation for a long time, which will affect their developing brain cells. In the operation, we need to focus on the computer screen for a long time, which is very bad for children’s eyes.

3-4 years old is the best time to train children’s counting and thinking ability. If computer is used instead of brain, children will lack the opportunity to exercise their own computing ability. In the long run, this will affect the development of children’s thinking skills and memory, as well as the cultivation of children’s imagination and creativity. Young children are in an important period of developing social skills, and communication with partners is an important way to acquire this skill. But paying attention to computers too early can easily make them attached to computers, reduce their interest in communication with small partners, and be reluctant to integrate into the surrounding environment. The lack of communication experience will also affect the cultivation of children’s healthy emotions.

Even if it is possible to study computer, it should not be more than one hour a day. We should start with the introduction of the composition, name, function and various functions of the computer, stimulate children’s interest in the computer, learn to master some control mouse, computer painting, special education game software for children, and train children’s coordination and logical thinking ability of hands, eyes and brain. When preschool children surf the Internet, their parents should accompany them, help them choose purpose oriented online activities, and pay attention to inspire their creativity. If we let children indulge in the game, it is really a hundred harm without any benefit.

Therefore, Xiaobian hereby suggests that you do not allow your child to contact the computer before the age of four, and be careful of the impact on growth and development! Parents should not hold the idea that the earlier children are exposed to computers, the better, but let them touch computers too early, because radiation will affect their children’s health and computers will hinder their intellectual development. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!