In the modern decoration, people have more and more requirements for safety and health. Because children’s body is still in the growing stage, safe and healthy living environment is particularly important for them, so we should be alert to the floor curtain as the “killer” of children.

Watch out for falling curtain to become a “killer” of children

According to MSNBC, the US government’s security regulator has warned that large curtains or blinds at home could become a “killer” of children’s lives.

According to the report, eight children have been strangled by curtain ropes, and another 16 have been nearly killed. About 50 million such curtains need to be replaced in the United States, according to a report by the consumer product safety commission.

Inestinan Baum, chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said that the floor type heavy curtain would attract children’s attention and make them feel very interesting to wrap in. But when children are wrapped in thick long curtains and their eyes are covered, they are very easy to lose their sense of direction. The more unstable they are, the more disorderly they move, so that the tighter they are wrapped, leading to suffocation. The child may also pull the rope of the blinds and be caught by the rope carelessly. In addition, some families are afraid that the ground wires will hurt their children, so they just walk on the higher walls and cover them with curtains. But when the child is pulling the curtain, he may pull the wire down and wrap it around his neck, causing danger.

Check the hidden danger of curtain safety

To this end, the CPSC suggested: first, in order to eliminate the hidden dangers, parents had better choose cordless blinds, use remote control to control the rise and fall of blinds, to avoid the hidden dangers of rope around the neck. Second, it’s better to bury the wire in the wall or the wire pipe, so as not to touch the child. Third, when hanging the large curtain at home, you can choose the curtain with good transparency, so as not to let the children lose their direction when wrapping it in; usually you need to fix the curtain with curtain hoops; of course, it is best to replace the long curtain with the short one. Finally, furniture that children can climb, such as children’s beds, should be kept away from curtains.

When the child is older, especially after the age of 3, we may feel more relieved and less bumpy, but we must look at it. We still need to check the potential safety hazards. Don’t let the safety hazards of floor curtains threaten the health of children at home. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.