When traveling, we can always see the children who concentrate on playing mobile phones at the station and airport. A simple game can make them quiet for hours or even a morning. However, you know that it has a great negative impact on children. So what are the hazards of children often playing with electronic products?

Communication with screen affects children’s language learning

According to the research results of early childhood language development, the development of children’s language module mainly comes from the communication with people. Listening to other people’s words and making simple sounds, these small details stimulate the continuous development of the language part of the child’s young brain, which also lays the foundation for the child’s future language ability.

Although there are many attractive things in the iPhone, which can also stimulate the brain of children, the corresponding language module can not be fully stimulated, and children can not learn the language in the communication with the screen, which may also make the communication between children and people difficult in the future.

Bad habit of playing iPhone affects children’s future life

At present, some parents hold a positive attitude towards the iPhone. They will download some educational games to play on their mobile phones, or even buy a mobile phone for their children.

Experts said that the early education function of educational games also needs to be completed in communication with parents or teachers. When the child completes a task according to the tips of the game, he has no place to express his understanding of the game and his own ideas. At last, there is no harvest and nothing to learn. Now it’s worrying that, on the one hand, parents hope to cultivate their children’s intelligence through the iPhone, on the other hand, they give their children bad hints. For example, time is unrestrained, which will have a great impact on children’s living habits in the future. When he grows up, he is easy to indulge in something he likes to do and does not know how to control himself. Some parents feel that their children are tired of playing. This is also a bad habit instilled in their children. They can give up whatever they are tired of and don’t want to do. These bad habits will have a great impact on their children’s life in the future.

Parents should reflect

Are you tethering your child with electronic products

Parents and children education experts said that children like to play electronic products are mostly related to their parents. There are two reasons for parents to play electronic products for their children. One is that parents think electronic products are fun, so they recommend them to children. Children are easily attracted by electronic products, but when children’s self-control ability is not strong enough and lack of guidance, they will become more and more addicted to them. In another case, parents regard electronic products as a rope to tie their children and do something for their own peace. In other words, when children play mobile phones, the factor of parents still accounts for 80%.

IPhone and other electronic products are very attractive to children. When children are determined to play, parents can take the following measures:

1. Distract. Use other more interesting games instead, such as outdoor sports or other parent-child games.

2. Limit the use time. Play should be limited to 20 minutes at a time.

3. Correct guidance. In the middle and large class of kindergarten, children will also be asked to go online to find the content related to a certain theme. At this time, children can be guided to understand that this tool is used to help them learn, not to play.

4. If the child cries and the persuasion of the language is invalid, it is better to deal with it coldly or take the child outdoors.

5. Add foods containing lutein to children’s complementary foods. Lutein can filter out blue light, and it is also an antioxidant for the eyes, which can help reduce the visual fatigue of the baby, and avoid the long-term exposure to the screen leading to the child’s vision loss.

In this, hundred safety net appeal, don’t because of your indulgence, let children become “electronic dolls”! Spend more time with your baby, after all, the most important thing is the children’s enlightenment. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.