There are always times when people are tired and weak. If they are exposed to a large number of bacteria at this time, they are easy to get sick. So babies usually use things, such as milk utensils, towels, diapers, toys, etc., which need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, especially in the season of changing seasons, disinfection is very necessary. And what we’re going to talk about today is the problem of bell disinfection.

▎ what is a bell

Ring for everyone, is a familiar toy, many people give children’s first toy is a variety of bells. Specifically, the rattle toy is suitable for children under 18 months to use, and can make sound when shaking.

There are two kinds of materials for rattle toys: plastic and cloth. At present, the materials of ringing bells on the market are more and more diversified, and various kinds of wooden ringing bells, metal ringing bells, etc. are also popular with consumers. We must pay attention to selecting products with safe materials when purchasing.

Hearing, vision and touch are important means for infants to understand and perceive the world. Toys with bright colors or sound can most attract the eyes of infants. Therefore, the ringing toy can be said to be the first toy given to the baby by most parents. The bright color of the ringing bell helps the child to perceive the color in the early stage and promote the rapid development of the brain; and the sound produced by the ringing bell can help the child to distinguish the sound and identify the direction.

▎ how to disinfect the bell

1. Boiling disinfection

Boiling disinfection method is generally applicable to cloth ringing products. The method is to prepare a stainless steel cooking pot filled with cold water. The depth of the water should be able to completely cover the bell. After the water is boiled, put the cloth bell in 5-10 minutes, cover the lid of the pot and cook for 3-5 minutes, turn off the fire and dry. Of course, Baoma’s advice is to heat the cloth Bell once in boiling water and then dry it in the sun, because UV is the safest disinfection ray.

2. Scrub and disinfect with bottle cleaner

Plastic ring, mainly with bottle detergent scrub disinfection. Bottle cleanser is a kind of washing product specially developed for baby utensils. Its ingredients generally will not have adverse effects on baby’s health, and the bacteria elimination rate can reach more than 90%. It should be noted that if the baby is used to nibbling the bell, it is recommended that parents do not use detergent and soap to clean the bell to avoid chemical residues.

3. Steam pot disinfection or microwave oven disinfection

Steam pot disinfection or microwave disinfection is mainly used on the gum ring. As a molar product to relieve the itch of baby’s gum, the gum product must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. In general, the temperature of the Toothgel bell that meets the specification can reach 120 ℃, which can be sterilized by boiling water, microwave oven and steam. However, if the product cannot be cleaned at high temperature, this method should be avoided.

From this point of view, mothers don’t only know how to use the bell to coax the baby, and the disinfection should also be clear! And disinfection to use the right way Oh, or it may be harmful to the baby’s health! If you are interested in the knowledge of children’s bedding need disinfection, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.