In the hot summer, in addition to delicious watermelon and beautiful flower skirt, there are also annoying prickly heat. Don’t look down on the small red dots. They not only make the baby fidgety and uncomfortable, but also inflame and infect seriously. So what should we do? Don’t panic when children have heat. It’s the key to take a bath and change clothes frequently.

How to deal with children’s prickly heat

1. Take a bath and change clothes frequently

If the prickly heat mainly appears on the body, then it is necessary to bathe the baby more and keep a good cleanliness. It should be noted that when bathing, the water temperature should be adjusted properly, neither too hot nor too cold, so as to reduce the stimulation to the child’s skin. It is recommended to drop a little dew in the bath, it will be more effective. Secondly, try not to use soap. If you want to use it, you can use special soap for babies, and do not wipe the prickly heat area violently to prevent skin damage and infection. After washing, clean the baby’s body with a clean towel and apply prickly heat powder to relieve the itching caused by prickly heat.

In addition to taking a bath frequently, the baby’s clothes should also be changed frequently. It is recommended to choose cotton and soft clothes, which should not be too tight. Loose style is preferred to reduce the friction of clothes on the baby’s body.

2. haircut

If there are more prickly heat in the head and neck, shave the baby’s hair shorter, or comb the hair back to empty the forehead. If the baby is still young, it’s better to shave his head, but pay attention to prevent cold. After finishing the hair, the baby’s nails should be cleaned to prevent the second infection caused by prickly heat.

3. Adjust the indoor temperature

The reason why children have prickly heat is that most of them have a lot to do with the indoor environment, so it’s better to adjust them by air conditioning. When blowing the air conditioner, it is recommended to freeze the air conditioner at 26 ℃ and the humidity should be less than 60%. In addition, we should always open windows for the house to let the fresh air around the baby.

4. Keep skin dry

Most babies like to exercise and play, and sweat easily. Mothers should remember to wipe their children’s bodies or wear sweat absorbent towels from time to time. For the younger baby, the mother should not hold it all the time, nor let the baby cry violently, otherwise it is easy to sweat, resulting in more wanton growth of prickly heat. It is recommended to put a straw mat on the bed of the child, or a mat in a cool place, and put the baby on it, so that he can play freely.

5. Drink more water to relieve summer heat

When the weather is hot, the mother can DIY delicious drinks to help the baby relieve the summer heat, such as mung bean soup, watermelon juice, grape juice, etc. at the same time, she often feeds water, vegetables and fruits to the child, which can not only supplement energy for the body, but also regulate the temperature and inhibit the spread of prickly heat.

6. Timely medical treatment

If the baby’s rash is serious, it is recommended to see a doctor in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, wipe the anti-inflammatory drugs and antipruritic drugs for the baby. If the infection is serious, you need to take antibiotics.

Xiaobian suggested that in the hot summer, do not hold the baby all the time, and try to let the baby play alone on the mat, so as to avoid long time in the arms of adults and poor cooling. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.