Many parents will take their children to the movies with a view to having a meaningful children’s day. Generally, a mother will think that when a child is able to watch cartoons quietly at home, she can take him to the cinema. In fact, don’t think it’s easy to take your children to the movies. You have to pay attention to these things!

Just about to cry, the next child laughs

Mr. Li said that when he was most afraid of watching a movie, he met the parents with his children. “Once he went to see a movie, there were some bloody scenes in the movie. As a result, a parent brought a four or five-year-old child to watch it together. Just after watching it, the child didn’t want to watch it, and he was talking all the time. I cried when I saw the bloody scene. Later, the people around me were not satisfied, so the parents took their children with them. “

Recently, he went to see the movie “dear” and encountered a similar situation. The parents with their children sat in the back two rows of us. After the movie opened for more than ten minutes, the children could not sit. Always asking parents when to go home, and finally directly asking parents what to eat. See half, a lot of audience already took out face paper, the result child suddenly laughs. It pulled everyone out of the movie atmosphere.

“Some movies are really not suitable for children to watch. I don’t know what parents think. I have to bring my children together. They don’t like watching them. They can’t watch them well and affect others.” He said, “why don’t you show your children cartoons?”

Children pick up melon shells and eat them in the cinema

Miss Gao also had a similar experience: “once I went to the cinema, and the children were quite obedient. They didn’t want to see it and didn’t quarrel. The parents didn’t care much. The children ran to the stairs and sat down.”

There was a spectator near the stairs who had a few melon seeds. The shell of the melon seeds was thrown on the ground. To Miss Gao’s surprise, the child was curious and picked up the shell of the melon seeds on the ground and put it into her mouth. “What a dirty thing on the ground, and it’s the shell of the melon seeds that others have been eating.” She stopped the child in a low voice.

“When the family sits in the middle, they put the child alone on the side stairs. It’s so dark in the cinema. Even if something happens to the child, the family won’t find it at first. It’s too dangerous.”

Experts remind children to watch movies carefully

An ophthalmologist said that watching 3D movies for a long time may lead to headaches, blurred vision and other situations, which is still the case for adults. Children need to be more cautious about watching movies.

Especially when watching 3D movies, people’s eyes will constantly adjust to adapt to the content on the screen, so it is very easy to cause visual fatigue. Children are still in the development stage, the structure of the eye is more fragile than adults, so the possibility of discomfort is greater.

Therefore, for children under the age of 4, parents should be careful to choose 3D movies for them. For children of appropriate age, when watching 3D movies, they should not sit too far ahead. After watching for some time, they should let their eyes rest. Parents should also teach their children to blink consciously when watching the film to relieve eye fatigue.

In a word, parents must not think of adults to make decisions for their children, and watching movies also needs health and safety first. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!