When electronic products become popular, not only adults become “fans” of various products, but also toddlers are infatuated with these electronic products. The first thing to be affected is digital TV. Is it really OK to give children to TV?

Parents: “TV nanny” OK?

Yuyu, 3, is a standard TV baby. In the selection of TV programs, he belongs to the “omnivorous” type. He likes cartoons and advertisements. He also likes his mother’s favorite “happy dashongguan”. When he sees the man who breaks through in the program falling into the water, he will say: “Mom, this uncle can’t do it.” Make mom and grandma laugh.

When Yu Yu was born, his mother was in her 40s and his grandmother was in her 70s. Father and mother are busy with their work. Grandma is not in good health, so the TV becomes his “partner” and “nanny” when he was young. “When I get home from work, I’m tired. I have to cook and do housework. I can only let my children watch TV by themselves.” Yuyu’s mother said helplessly.

When parents are busy, it’s a good choice to put their children in front of the TV. Colorful TV programs can let children stay in peace for an hour or two. At this time, parents don’t have to worry about what the children will do. They can be relieved to be busy with their own affairs.

But will it do harm to children? Should children watch TV? How long is the right time to watch TV? These problems will also bother many parents.

Such concerns are not superfluous. “Some parents, because they are too busy, or some old people and nannies are trying to save time when looking at their children, let the TV instead of watching their children. This is not the best option. ” Jiao min, deputy chief physician of the Department of child care of Zhengzhou children’s Hospital, said.

● expert: watching TV is not good for children’s social development

“Children under 5 years old have immature eyes. Watching TV for a long time in a short distance is a kind of damage to their eyes.” Jiao Min said. Although children can also get some knowledge from animation programs, such as the “rainbow cat and blue rabbit” series of animation, watching TV is a process of passive attraction. When watching TV, children’s brain waves are not active, so watching TV for a long time is not good for children’s intellectual development.

According to relevant data, the healthy development of the brain of children under the age of two requires interaction and communication with people, but TV can not meet this requirement. For children over 2 years old, excessive TV watching can lead to obesity and failure to realize their learning potential. Violent content in TV will make children aggressive, and advertising content will make children have more desire for consumption. “If children are attracted to TV for a long time and indulge in the virtual world, the boundary between real life and virtual world will be confused to a certain extent. TV programs occupy a lot of children’s time, and their social ability cannot be well developed.” Jiao Min said.

● suggestion: keep children with books and toys

When a child is born, he or she will establish an “attachment relationship” with close people, sometimes unwilling to leave his or her parents for a moment. But for young children, there is not only an “attachment relationship” between them and their parents, but also a critical period for the establishment of “partnership”. They should play with children more, rather than sit there and daydream with TV as a companion.

But after all, it’s impossible for parents to isolate TV from their children. Just like Yuyu’s mother, TV can help her. Because of this, it is more and more important to deal with the relationship between children and TV. “It’s a very good children’s program, which can be properly watched by children. In particular, parents who are too busy to accompany their children should seize every opportunity to cultivate parent-child relationship with their children. Even when watching TV, parents are better to watch with their children, enlighten their children while watching, and turn the process of watching TV into an interactive process with their children, so as to promote the development of parent-child relationship. ” Jiao Min said.

For three or four year olds, it is a critical period of personality and intellectual development. In foreign countries, in order to better cultivate children, some parents will even give up their work and concentrate on taking care of their children. Although we can’t ask everyone to do that, parents should spare some time to get along with their children when they are busy.

Therefore, for the sake of the baby’s health, please don’t throw the baby to the TV any more, and be careful that the baby is addicted to TV! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.