Xiaobian found that there are many couples quarreling because they bathed their babies. Their mothers dislike their father’s clumsiness. Their father thinks that their mother is too fierce and can command people too much, which makes the baby cry in a dazed way. In a word, it’s just love and funny. So in this cold winter, what should I pay attention to when bathing my baby?

Don’t use too hot water for bathing in winter

In winter, when the weather turns cold, parents are afraid that their baby will catch cold. They often choose to use hot water to bathe their baby. Professor Yang Jian, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that if the temperature of the bath water was too high, it would easily damage the skin barrier function of the baby. “Too hot bath water is easy to wash off the sebum on the baby’s skin surface.” Yang Jian introduces, the function of human sebaceous gland will weaken in winter, if it is lower than 7 ℃, the sebaceous gland will stop secreting. Lack of sebum protection, coupled with dry weather, water is very easy to lose, resulting in dry skin, desquamation. For infants, this situation will be more prominent. Too high temperature can also aggravate itching and discomfort for babies with eczema.

It is suggested that the baby’s bath water should not exceed 38 ℃. Parents do not need to worry about the cold to the baby. In fact, the baby’s cold tolerance is not worse than that of adults. If the bath water temperature is high before, do not lower it all at once. It needs to be adjusted slowly.

Control the times and time of skin cleaning

In winter, the sweat and sebum secretion of the baby after activities are significantly reduced, and the parents can correspondingly reduce the frequency of cleaning. Too often to wash the baby’s face, bath is also easy to wash off the protective sebum, and then appear red, itchy symptoms. Yang Jian suggests that if the baby doesn’t sweat a lot or get dirty, it’s usually enough to take a bath once a day, or even twice a day in cold weather. In addition, the bath time should be controlled within 10 minutes.

In addition, try to use less cleaning products for your baby, as we often say, “after a water” is OK. Proper warm water can clean the baby’s skin without damaging its protective layer. When you really need to use it, you should try to choose skin cleaning products with simple ingredients. Yang Jian stressed that in the early stage of infants, try to use less cleaning products with strong bactericidal function. In addition to avoiding stimulating the baby’s skin or causing allergies, excessive sterilization may not be a good thing for children. “If a child under one year old lives in an ‘excessively clean’ environment, it is not good for exercising and building a normal immune response of the child.”

Choose non irritating products to moisturize BB

In the face of dry baby skin, many parents will ask: “baby is still so small, can you use moisturizer?” Yang Jian said that parents can use baby moisturizer or moisturizer properly after baby bathing, especially for babies whose skin is easy to dry. At present, there are many kinds of children’s skin care products on the market. Parents don’t necessarily pursue expensive products when they buy them. They should choose according to their baby’s skin. Should choose not contain perfume and pigment, no stimulation and moisturizing effect of good products.

It is worth mentioning that in order to pursue “natural harmlessness”, some parents will use edible oils such as olive oil to moisturize the baby. “The folk do have such practices and certain effects, but they are not the best skin care products, because olive oil and other lipid components are always inconsistent with the skin, the research shows that the skin care effect will be better if the lipid components lost from the skin are supplemented.” Yang Jian said that the best choice is to develop medical skin care products for infants and young children.

&It is a kind of exercise for baby to insist on bathing. When baby goes down to the water, he will gradually master the balance and increase his immunity. So new mothers don’t have to worry, try more, don’t worry too much, be brave and careful. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net