You don’t have to go to the bathroom to bathe the baby until the child grows up and can go to the adult bathtub. You can be in the baby’s bedroom or in any other warm room. This room should have enough space for all the things necessary for the baby to take a bath. However, is it necessary for the baby to take a bath every day in dry winter?

Babies don’t have to bathe every day

In winter, if you bathe every day and wash off the grease on the skin surface, the skin will be very dry, which will damage the barrier function of the skin itself, reduce the skin resistance, and cause skin itching. For children with eczema, parents will certainly spend a lot of time thinking about taking care of them. They can apply baby lotion after their children take a bath. The skin is particularly dry in winter, and moisturizing needs long-term persistence. In addition, when it’s cold, you can turn on the air conditioner. Of course, the temperature should not be too high, and you should not blow directly at the baby’s face. The room should use a humidifier to improve the environmental humidity.

In summer, the room should be cool and ventilated. The infant’s skin is easy to breed bacteria and fungi when it is in a hot and sweaty environment. The skin of eczema children is easy to parasitize Staphylococcus aureus and Candida, which can induce and aggravate eczema. When the baby has sweat, wipe the baby dry with soft cotton towel in time, and bathe the baby with water in time.

When parents wash their infants’ faces and baths, they should choose mild and alkaline washing products, or only wash them with water. Some parents will find some prescriptions for their children, such as salt water, ginger water, pepper water, vinegar to scrub their children. This kind of practice may stimulate the child’s skin instead, which is absolutely not advisable.

Children’s living environment should not be overheated, too dry or too dry, and the humidity should be kept at about 50%, and the temperature should be kept at about 22 ℃. The living room of children with eczema should be cool, ventilated and clean. In order to avoid dust mite inhalation, it is recommended to clean it with wet mop and rag.

The baby must wear pure cotton clothes. The lighter the color, the better. Wash baby with water before wearing. Try not to wear chemical fiber clothes, use less wool fabrics, do not use feathers, silk and animal fur to make clothes for your baby. Baby’s clothes should use less detergent, clothes should be loose, appropriate thin. Try not to have pets at home.

&Therefore, your baby doesn’t have to take a bath every day. In winter or summer, try to clean every other day. If you want to learn more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website