In the memory of 70’s childhood, summer vacation may be boys playing glass marbles and scraping cigarettes; girls jumping rubber bands and jumping houses. In the memory of the post-80s, the little friend of summer vacation may be the colorful TV. What about today’s children? Are many people in love with computer games? And whether many parents are worried about their children wasting their time on this attractive monster. In response, some experts said that during the summer vacation, do not let children become addicted to electronic products “bow head clan”.

During the summer vacation, don’t let your child become a “bow head” addicted to electronic products

At the beginning of the summer vacation, many glasses stores had a lot of good business. According to the survey, many parents took advantage of the summer vacation to bring their children to the optician’s shop for glasses. In addition to heavy schoolwork, portable tablet computer is the “important killer” of children’s eyes. “My child just went to the first day of junior high school this year. After a year of boarding school, he was short-sighted by 400 degrees and astigmatism by more than 200 degrees…” Wang, a citizen who brought his daughter to wear glasses in an optical shop, said helplessly. She told reporters that she bought her daughter a tablet computer last year to let her learn English. Over the past year, Min Min (pseudonym), who used to have good eyesight, failed to improve his English scores but became highly myopic.

Liang Liang, who just went to high school, is also addicted to electronic products. He is very fond of playing computer games. Liangliang’s mother told reporters that Liangliang went home once a week, and the time was basically spent playing games. “Even soup and dinner are in front of the computer.” My mother said helplessly. It’s summer vacation, bright is every day in front of the computer.

Because the bright academic performance does not retreat but advances, does not violate the agreement of “the game affects the performance”, mother is helpless. “Although his achievements have improved, he is becoming more and more withdrawn. He will not greet his relatives and seldom communicate with others.” She also mentioned that Liangliang had been reluctant to visit relatives’ houses for playing games several times.

Yin Qingyun, director of children’s Psychiatry Department of Guangzhou Brain Hospital, said that at present, there is no research that shows that addiction to electronic products will inevitably lead to social barriers, but most children with social barriers are more likely to indulge in online games. Once they indulge in it, their social ability will decline, resulting in their more like the virtual world.

At the same time, he thinks that when children are playing with computers, they should pay attention to the light in the room, not too bright or too dark. The best time to play computer is within 15 minutes.

Managing the use of children’s computer phones is like our parents’ generation managing our TV watching. Although more electronic products bring more problems, science and technology also bring us more solutions. It is hoped that parents can teach their children to stay away from electronic devices and avoid injuries. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.