Bathing the baby looks like a common and common thing, but in fact, it contains a lot of knowledge. During the following periods, it’s better not to bathe your baby~

1. Do not take a bath within 24 hours after vaccination.

Every parent can give a preventive injection to their baby. But we must pay attention to the precautions after the injection. To pay attention to observe whether the baby has fever or the phenomenon of swelling in the muscle injection, it is better to take a bath after 24 hours. Because the vast majority of vaccines are live attenuated vaccines, that is to say, viruses that reduce toxicity, vaccination is a small amount of exposure to viruses. Bathing will lead to the decline of the baby’s body immunity, so it can’t resist this small amount of virus, resulting in fever, cold and other symptoms.

2. Do not take a bath immediately after breastfeeding.

Just after breastfeeding the baby, do not bathe the baby immediately. If you bathe the baby immediately, more blood in the baby’s body will flow to the expanded epidermal blood vessels stimulated by hot water, while the celiac blood supply will be relatively reduced, which will affect the baby’s digestive function. Secondly, because the baby’s stomach is dilated after feeding, taking a bath immediately is also easy to cause vomiting.

3. Do not take a bath within 48 hours after the fever or fever subsides.

Many parents have a mistake, that is to bathe the baby when the baby is hot, and feel that the baby will be more comfortable, and also conducive to the baby fever. Please don’t do that again. Because bathing a hot baby is easy to make the baby shiver and even convulse; in addition, the resistance of the baby after fever is very poor, bathing immediately is easy to suffer from wind cold and cause fever again, so it is suggested that the baby should be bathed 48 hours after the fever subsides.

4. When the baby’s skin has a wound, it can’t take a bath.

When the baby has a wound, never undress to bathe the baby. If you bathe the baby at this time, the damaged part of the skin will spread or be polluted due to bathing.

5. Bathing is not recommended at temperatures other than 26-28 ℃.

In addition to the baby’s own factors, it is also limited by the surrounding environment. The best temperature for bathing is 26 ~ 28 ℃, and the best temperature is 40 ~ 42 ℃.

There is no small matter in health. One small detail in life has a great influence on the healthy development of the baby, even the bathing. Today, do moms understand? If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!