The eye is an important organ of the human body, and also an important part of the baby receiving external signals. The baby’s vision is in the development stage, so it is more important to protect the eyes. And electronic products are one of the most dangerous “sharp tools” for baby’s eyes! Sometimes, parents don’t pay attention to restrain their baby, which makes it easy for him to form the bad habit of watching TV and mobile phone; there are also some behaviors that make the baby’s eyes uncomfortable and can’t help rubbing their eyes, which gives the baby a chance to get infected with germs.

Eyes are affected by electronic products

We know that electronic products will affect your baby’s vision, so what characteristics of electronic products will have a bad impact on your vision? Let’s take a look:

Rich color and fast scene change are the characteristics of electronic products. When baby’s eyes meet the fast flashing electronic product screen, it will inevitably cause eye discomfort;

The screen size of electronic products is limited. If the baby stares at the patterns in the mobile phone for a long time, his eyes will be blurred;

If the baby’s environment light is insufficient, and the screen color will appear bright and dazzling, if the environment light is too strong, and the screen will reflect light, these will make the baby’s eyes fatigue;

If you stare at the electronic screen for a long time and blink less, the water on the eye surface evaporates and the tear film is incomplete. If you blink to repair it in time, your baby’s eyes will be dry and tired;

The reasonable distance to watch TV is 7-9 times of the diagonal of the screen. It can be seen that when watching computer or iPad, the baby’s eyes are always too close to the screen. If you stare at the electronic screen for a long time, the risk of shortsightedness will be greatly increased;

How to avoid the harm of electronic products to baby’s eyes?

When children play with electronic products, parents should pay attention to the light in the room, not too dark or too bright, so as to provide a good place for children to play. If the baby is in a bad light environment, or in a bumpy car, try to avoid making the baby contact with electronic products.

To protect your baby’s eyesight, parents need to control their play time. It’s better to control the time of each contact with electronic products within 15 minutes. Don’t let your baby play to the extent of red eyes, rubbing eyes, sleepiness and other fatigue. After playing, take the baby to a place with wide vision, so that the eyes can have a good rest. At the same time, let the baby play some ball games, so that the eyes can move in all directions.

Adequate nutrition can alleviate the baby’s visual fatigue and protect the baby’s eyes. Vitamin A is the most important nutrient for maintaining normal vision. Mothers should often supplement it for their babies. Vitamin A is also called “anti dry eye disease vitamin”. One of the important physiology is to maintain the epithelial cell’s sound and stable cell membrane. When the body lacks vitamin A, it can affect the function of conjunctiva and cornea, and dry, lacrimal gland secretion is reduced, softened or even perforated, especially the infant and child’s body functions are not yet developed and perfect, and it is the main population of vitamin A deficiency, which needs routine Preventive vitamin A supplementation. The best sources of vitamin A are animal liver, milk and eggs, as well as red, yellow and dark green vegetables and fruits rich in carotene. In addition, it is a more convenient method to supplement vitamin A with vitamin AD preparation for babies. At present, the vitamin AD preparations on the market are mixed. Mothers need to choose products from regular manufacturers, such as the national drug Zhuozi medicine such as icoxin vitamin AD drops, to make people feel more relieved.

With these eye protection tips, mothers can let their babies enjoy the joy brought by electronic products and easily protect their eyesight!

Baibai safety net reminds that children with abnormal vision will have some obvious signs. Parents should take the initiative to ask their children, and observe from some details. If they find any abnormality, they should take the children for examination as soon as possible. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!