A mother of a three-year-old has recently found that her child blinks constantly when she looks at things. It’s hard to even open her eyes at night. Take the child to the hospital for examination. The child suffered from dry eye disease due to playing too many video games. &Many parents also realize that electronic products such as mobile phones have a great impact on their children’s eyesight.

I. why keep away from the electronic screen

1. Affect children’s vision

The screens of electronic products such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, iPads and so on will damage people’s eyesight, especially for infants under two years old. Without a perfect eye diopter regulation system, children can’t adapt to and adjust the direct stimulation of strong light naturally. In the face of the screen that is bright and dark, flashing constantly, children’s eyes will soon be tired, and then myopia. Some babies in order to see comfortable can’t help lying on their knees, looking askew, strabismus problem also produced.

2. It is not conducive to the development of children’s language ability

Although there are educational games in TV programs, they have no effect on the language expression ability of babies, but have a negative impact. Children’s language development benefits from interactive education.

3. Affect children’s social life

If children are keen on TV programs or video games, they will ignore the communication with other children. Social opportunities are significantly reduced, communication ability is gradually weakened, and the experience of problem solving is also lacking.

4. Children’s exercise ability is limited, which is likely to lead to obesity

Imagine how strong a child can have sports skills when he or she sleeps on the sofa watching TV and playing mobile phones every day? Children will soon develop horizontally and become obese children.

How to keep children away from electronic screen

1. Set time for children to use electronic products

Children under the age of two are not allowed to watch the electronic screen. Children under the age of two can’t touch the electronic screen for more than half an hour continuously, and children under the age of three can’t touch the electronic screen for more than one hour. When children finish watching a program, they should be encouraged to play outside. In addition, TV can’t be placed in the sleeping room of children.


Parents and children set time

Children don’t have their own concept of time, they want to have a good time at one time, until their eyes can’t stand it. If they take away their electronic products halfway, they will cry. So, it’s better to make an agreement with the baby in advance, and pull the hook with the baby. If the baby is playing with the skin, it can cancel one thing the baby really wants to do as a punishment.

2. Let parent-child activities replace electronic products

Observe the baby’s favorite sports, play with the baby, let the baby enjoy the fun of sports, transfer the attention of TV and video games, and can also bring healthy physical and mental and parent-child relationship.

Breastfeeding and feeding time away from TV

Many adults have the habit of watching TV while eating. If there is a baby at home, it’s better to turn off the TV during breastfeeding and feeding time for his healthy growth. Only when mom and dad enjoy the taste of food together, can we cultivate a good eating habit for the baby.

3. Encourage children to play with children

Parents can prepare toys such as building blocks and encyclopedia books for their children to play together, and then encourage children to invite their own children to play, cultivate their children’s awareness of sharing and cooperation, and improve their children’s social ability.

Parents set an example to reduce the time of using electronic products

If parents often use electronic products in front of their children, it will have a negative impact on their children. Children have more access to electronic products and follow their parents’ behavior.

4. Go outdoors and get close to nature

Children always stay at home and have more opportunities to play electronic products. If parents can take their children out of the house to go camping, play and hiking, children will have more opportunities to contact green trees, which is very helpful for physical and mental health growth.

&Nbsp; from the above we can see that electronic products are so harmful, please keep your baby’s eyes away from the electronic screen! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net