In the cold winter, adults feel very uncomfortable. Delicate babies need more intimate care. What problems should be paid attention to in winter baby care? Take a look at the expert’s advice.

How to create a safe atmosphere for mom

1. First of all, prepare the washbasin, soap, gauze, bath towel, pad towel needed in the bath water, synthetic resin bucket for water flushing, water temperature gauge, laundry, etc.

2. The indoor temperature should not be too low about 20 ℃, and the water temperature should be a little higher than the human body temperature, around 38 ℃.

3. Be sure to hold the back of the baby’s head and buttocks, first let the baby’s feet into the water, and then let the baby sit in the water.

4. When washing the baby’s face, wipe it gently with a damp gauze, then wash it gently with hands or soap on the gauze, and then dry it gently with a wring dry gauze,

5. When washing your hair, wet your head with a damp gauze, put soap on your hand, and wash it with water from the washbasin.

6. Put soap on your hands to wash your baby’s chest, abdomen and limbs, then wash them with water, and your back needs to be washed back and forth with your hands.

7. If you want to fully clean the baby’s back, you need to hold the baby’s head with one hand and his stomach with the other hand, so that he faces down.

8. When adding water to the basin, take the baby out of the water and wrap it with a bath towel and dry it. What mom and dad need to pay attention to is that when adding hot water to the basin, they should pay attention to test the water temperature after adding, so as to avoid scalding the baby.

In a word, there are many things to pay attention to when bathing the new baby. The above is the baby’s winter bath care method. Every step is what the mother has to learn. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!