Nowadays, there are many children who love watching TV. It’s the emergence of tablet phones and tablets. They can not only watch TV, but also watch mobile video in bed and play iPad in the car. But Xiaobian would like to ask: when your children see the TV intimate lens, what would you do?

Listen to my parents

Now, I’m so embarrassed to see a friendly scene every other time. I don’t know how to let my child look at it. I need to shift my attention and take the child to buy lollipops. Fortunately, my son doesn’t know what’s going on and withdraws happily. Tiger Tigger

My husband and I are more open-minded. I used to think it didn’t matter. But my son kissed my little sister one day and said, “hug, my little sister likes it.” Suddenly, there are three black lines on the head. That sweat. @ old poplar tree

When we watch together, we try not to watch emotional drama and create opportunities for children to see intimate scenes. During the break, read books, play games and chat with your child, which can not only avoid unnecessary embarrassment, but also increase the feelings between your child and your parents, which can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone. @The princess of the castle

Now there are too many ways for children to get information. Intimacy scenes and lenses can’t be avoided. The best way is not to watch TV together with children, watching each other and interfering with each other. If there is any problem, his mother will explain it to him. So as not to be uncomfortable. @Dusk in Beijing

I think the intimate lens on TV is just a good opportunity to have sex education for children, so that they can understand the circumstances under which they can kiss the opposite sex and have intimate physical contact. To avoid these things is not a rational way, especially my family is the little princess. @Hee hee mom

Experts will do this

When Miss Hu Ping talks about this issue, she does this: if we see the intimate lens together before the child is 6 years old, we will naturally watch it together with the child and will not change the channel. Those pictures are only the pictures themselves in children’s eyes, and there will be no extended meaning after adults see them. Parents don’t have to make big right and big wrong explanations for children.

When the child is 7 years old, I will take the initiative to communicate with him and tell him: when there is love between adults, they need to express it through physical contact, such as hugging, kissing, etc., they will feel happy. When dealing with the intimate scenes of adults in movies and TV programs, parents should properly guide them, which is also an opportunity to help children build the values of intimate relationship.

Therefore, when children encounter the intimate lens of TV, we should not deliberately avoid, or tune the channel. Parents should guide them in the right way. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.