Nowadays, laptops are almost everywhere, sometimes they are placed on the table, but more often, people lie on the sofa or bed, and they will put laptops on their legs. Recently, experts said: computer radiation or one of the sperm killers, what’s the matter? Let’s have a look.

Background: experts in the United States believe that laptops cause infertility

According to UPI, Ms. Susan Kavik of stirridge School of medicine, Loyola University, Chicago, said in a statement that the quality, quantity and vitality of men’s sperm are crucial to their fertility. The heat emitted by laptop will affect the production and development of sperm, resulting in infertility.

After reading the report, Peng of Zhengzhou said he was “the victim of the computer age”. It turns out that Mr. Peng, 33, is a marketing member of an electronic technology company. Working overtime, staying up late and going on business are common. In the process of his work, laptop became his closest partner. Whether it’s a job or a business trip, a laptop is often put on his lap. Although he has a large income, Mr. Peng has a problem in childbearing. After checking in the hospital, the doctor gave the answer: Mr. Peng’s sperm content is below the standard value, which is not enough to make his wife pregnant.

Expert: computer radiation is just one of the “killers”

“Although it can’t be said that laptops have caused Mr. Peng’s infertility, they can’t get rid of it.” Sun Zhizi, chief physician of the reproductive center of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Henan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that although it has not been confirmed that the radiation generated by computers will cause pathological damage to human body, and there is no exact statistical data, there is a significant increase in the frequent use of computers among men with infertility.

According to sun, male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, but they can’t equate infertility with laptop computers. “You don’t have to ‘elevate’ the power of electromagnetic radiation too much, and ignore other reasons, because some bad work and living habits can also lead to infertility, except for the radiation from computers.” Sun Zhizi said.

Now many white-collar men have been sitting in front of the computer since they went to work in the morning. They often work overtime and stay up late. In fact, sperm is very “delicate”. Sitting for a long time will affect the heat dissipation of the scrotum and the spermatogenic ability of the testicles. Moreover, many men don’t care about drinking water when they work, sometimes they don’t even have time to go to the bathroom, because they can’t walk when they are busy. This way of working makes men often stay in the state of sedentary, suffocating urine, exposure to radiation and so on, which makes the local temperature of testicles increase, prone to reproductive system diseases, thus affecting fertility. In addition, work stress, psychological pressure and overwork can cause endocrine disorders, which can easily weaken sexual function and reduce the probability of fertility success. And after class, some people’s lifestyle is also unhealthy. Some people go home from work to watch TV or fall asleep after eating, without space for body adjustment and relaxation; some people start to have uncontrolled night life after work, sauna washing, smoking and drinking, these bad habits are also “sperm killers”. “There is one more point that cannot be ignored.” Sun Zhizi said that many white-collar men’s childbearing age is generally postponed to 30 or even after 35, and the fertility of men will decline naturally after 35, and those who miss the best childbearing age will naturally join the infertile army.

Reasonable use of electronic products

“In addition to genetic and organic diseases of some organs, male infertility, which is closely related to living habits, can be improved by changing bad habits.” Sun Zhizi said that people should not be careless about the computer radiation that may harm their health, on the other hand, they should change some bad habits.

Sun Zhizi suggested that if men of childbearing age cannot avoid all kinds of electromagnetic radiation sources dominated by computers, they should try to keep a “proper distance” from them. Do not put laptops on their legs. During operation, the distance between the human body and the computer screen should be no less than 70cm, and the distance between the human body and the back and both sides of the computer should be no less than 120cm. When purchasing computers, try to buy models with small radiation. “To avoid infertility and to have a healthy baby, men should pay more attention to their daily life.”

Although we don’t have to worry too much about the infertility caused by working in front of the computer, we should also try to avoid some risk factors such as obesity, smoking, sedentary, long-term two legged walking and so on, which cause the semen quality to decline. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!