Some parents don’t like to go out of the house by themselves, or grandparents with children, limited by their body and energy, seldom lead their children to carry out outdoor activities. Over time, children also become reluctant to go out. This makes many children fall in love with the electronic products in their parents’ hands. This article will let experts explain: what’s the reason why children fall in love with the electronic products in your hands!

Expert explanation: what makes children fall in love with your electronic products!

Question: my child is 4 years old. He is in a small class. Recently, he found that his child is particularly interested in electronic products. He is either playing a bit of reading machine or looking for our mobile phone to play games and watch videos. As long as he sees me operating the computer, he will lie down and touch it. Is this good for children?

Response: the first thing to answer is why children like the electronic products you listed. One is family atmosphere and parent demonstration. It’s not hard to find out how many adults can leave the electronic products represented by mobile phones. A few years ago, there was a saying that I was either texting or preparing for texting. With the increasingly powerful entertainment and office functions of mobile phones, more leisure time of adults is surrounded by electronic products. From TV, mobile phone to computer and all kinds of video game machines. It’s tempting for children to see adults become slaves to electronic products. They’re exploring why these things are so attractive.

The second is the attraction of electronic products to children. All kinds of programs and games in electronic products are characterized by delicacy, rich colors, lively images and fast-paced plots, which are more in line with children’s cognitive characteristics. In addition, the operation interface of electronic products is becoming more and more friendly (that is, it is easy to learn, and children can imitate the operation of adults after watching a few times), which also reduces the steps of children’s contact with electronic products, and provides convenience for children to contact and like electronic products.

The third is the structural factor of family. In addition to the husband and wife system between adults, the current family relationship is the parent-child system composed of adults and children for children. What is missing for children is the same life system composed of brothers and sisters. In their daily life, in addition to contact with adults, they spend more time developing not peer-to-peer relationship but human-computer relationship. They replace peer-to-peer dialogue with human-computer dialogue. My advice is to get in touch and enrich your life. Children’s access to electronic products is the general trend, and children should be fully exposed.

For the healthy growth of children, parents need to use a richer life to attract children.

First, the lifestyle of family members represented by their parents needs to be rich and healthy. Children’s life style is the product of environment. If adults who live with children are excessively infatuated with the virtual world provided by electronic products, it is inevitable that children will be affected by it.

Second, we need to broaden the scope of children’s life and enrich their life content. Children always like to deal with people, but because of the limited energy of adults, the communication between children is limited by time and space, the opportunities of interpersonal dialogue for children are less and less, so children can only find alternative games and interests. Therefore, parents should try their best to create a rich living environment for their children. For example, they should cooperate with children of the same age in the community to help their children develop a good friend relationship and take them into nature as much as possible instead of staying at home.

Third, use life plan to control the frequency and time of children’s exposure to electronic products. The relationship between children and electronic products is not unlimited indulgence. Families should establish some rules or norms for children’s access to electronic products from the perspective of health and life habits, so as to achieve both tension deprivation and unrestrained indulgence.

Since our children live in such an Internet era, there is no need for parents to pull this thing out of their children’s world cleanly. Because if this thing is removed too cleanly, it is also easy to cause a problem, that is, the interaction between children and their peers may be less important. So we don’t want to make electronic products the only supplement to functionality. But it can be allowed to be a rich channel in children’s lives. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.