For children, computers are like an encyclopedia. Through the Internet, they can access new knowledge, new things and new information that are not available in life, which is very helpful for their growth. This article small edition comes to talk about today’s topic Good computer world is blessing to the child, not disaster!

Expert: good computer world is good for children, not bad!

Experts agree that a good computer world is good for children, not bad. And stressed that good computer programs make children more creative and responsive, and can enhance their attention and thinking ability. Computers punish operators for their mistakes, which improves children’s enthusiasm, so they learn faster and more efficiently in front of computers. Today, experts know that computers are very conducive to promoting the thinking ability of the network, that is, the ability to explain problems in many ways. This digital media is a ticket to the future world.

In order to make the computer a human voucher for the future world, children need parents’ participation and guidance first. Experts suggest that it is important to share computer experience with your children while they are with them. Children attach great importance to their parents’ attention to him, so that he can show his parents what he is good at and no longer feel lonely. Similarly, parents should also participate in the choice of games.

It’s also important to set a limit from the beginning. Experts recommend setting a time limit by age for children who are addicted to computers. 4-6-year-old children should be accompanied by their parents for up to 20 minutes a day, primary school students for up to 30 minutes a day and middle school students for up to 2 hours a day. Parents should dare to forbid dangerous games and limit the playing time, and at the same time, let children have necessary rest and diversion.

Parents should be aware that it’s just as dangerous for children to use inappropriate computer equipment as playing with a cart. Experts have found that because many parents don’t want their children to lose the starting line, they let them learn computer early, even from kindergarten. But these parents did not pay attention to whether the computer equipment in school or at home is suitable for their children, so as to cause harm and affect their children’s life.

This problem mainly occurs when children are addicted to computers. They may spend several hours a day on computers, resulting in astringent eyes, sore wrists, arms and back. It may even affect the normal development of bones due to poor sitting posture.

Many doctors and psychologists point out that computers in schools or at home are usually designed for adults. When children sit at a computer desk, they often have to stretch their necks to see the words and figures on the screen. The keyboard can’t be adjusted to fit their height. In addition, the chair is not suitable. They have to shrug their shoulders to press the key. If they do homework or play games in front of the computer for a long time, their bodies will be deformed, resulting in pain of spine, wrist and neck back muscles. In addition to improving children’s computer equipment, we must also tell children to pay special attention to sitting posture. After sitting for a long time, they must stand up, extend their arms and fingers, and move their bodies to eliminate fatigue.

In short, to ensure that the computer is only a tool, not a monster. Adults can take the initiative to intervene, prevent in advance, give reasonable guidance and moderate intervention, so that children can get more benefits and less harm. To ensure that electronic products are only tools, not beasts of war, adults can take the initiative to intervene, prevent in advance, give reasonable guidance and moderate intervention, so that children can get more benefits and less harm.