Children are the center of the family and the focus of the family. Children’s resistance is poor, so when decorating, the environmental protection of the home is very important. How can children’s houses be decorated in the most environmentally friendly way? To this end, experts remind: Children’s room decoration should use children’s paint.

The current situation of children’s room requires the production of special paint for children

Children’s skin is delicate and their internal organs and organs are growing at a high speed. Therefore, “environmental protection” must be the first requirement of children’s living room and activity place. From April to June last year, the “investigation on indoor environmental pollution of children’s houses” was a special investigation on indoor air quality of children’s living environment in this city. Based on the analysis of the indoor air test data of 398 children’s rooms, the experts found that 95.3% of the investigated children’s rooms had excessive formaldehyde concentration, and 24.8% of the children’s rooms had excessive benzene. Experts pointed out that air pollution in children’s rooms has a great threat to children’s health.

According to the physical characteristics of children, the world’s developed countries all have the supply of children’s special paint, decoration companies are also used to children’s room with children’s paint, without special reminder. Therefore, the development of children’s special paint is the needs of Chinese parents, but also the requirements of the whole society.

1. It does not contain heavy metals, to prevent heavy metals from entering children’s bodies. Children are usually used to grasping and biting. Heavy metals will enter the body through skin, mouth and other ways, causing harm to the body.

2. All children’s paints are made with clear water, and the toxic way of benzene chemical solvent to children is cut off from the root.

3. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of children’s latex paint is less than 1G / L and tends to zero, which is commonly known as “zero VOC” in the world.

4. The paint surface is smooth and rich in color. Children’s paint manufacturing process is particularly strict, the quality is generally higher than the general paint, and for children’s love of color, the color is particularly rich. Using children’s special paint to paint the room is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also rich in color, providing a clean and pleasant growth space for children. Overcome the obstacle of using children’s paint.

Children’s room decoration using children’s paint is strongly recommended by children’s experts all over the world. But there are still obstacles to forming healthy consumption habits in China.

One of the obstacles is the cost. The price of children’s special paint is slightly higher than that of general products due to the high requirements of process quality; the second obstacle is that it costs more time. From purchase to use, there are two different sets of products, many decoration companies will feel trouble. However, it is of great importance to recommend that parents adhere to the use of children’s paint when installing and painting children’s rooms. Of course, if the whole house is painted with children’s paint, its environmental performance is impeccable.

Xiaobian reminded that if the decoration time is not right, causing home environmental pollution, for the growth of children is very adverse, it is easy to pose a threat to health. If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you