With the sudden drop in temperature, many families began to use electric heating, induction cooker to warm cooking. If it is not used properly, it is very easy to cause danger. Household appliances are also one of the common causes of fire. So experts teach you that using household appliances can prevent family fires!

Common fire prevention measures for small household appliances

Hair drier

When the hair dryer is in use, it will go away due to other things (such as answering the phone, someone knocking on the door, etc.), put the hair dryer on the bench, and completely forget the use of the hair dryer. As a result, it will be put aside for a long time, and the high temperature of the hair dryer shell may ignite combustibles. In addition, in case of power failure when using the electric hair dryer, the power line that is not disconnected from the switch is still kept on the socket, while to do other things, after the power is restored, the high temperature of the heating wire for a long time will also cause a fire. Even when some units use the electric hair dryer to dry, melt and drive away the tide, the personnel leave the post without permission, or someone brings the electric hair dryer into the fire dangerous places with inflammable and explosive substances without permission, which may cause fire and explosion accidents.

Prevention measures for hair dryer fire:

When using the hair dryer with power on, people can’t leave it, let alone put it on the bench, sofa, mattress and other combustibles. We should form the habit of cutting off the power supply immediately after use, especially in case of temporary power failure or hair dryer failure. It is strictly prohibited to use electric hair dryer in fire forbidden places and inflammable and explosive dangerous places.

Electric iron

When the electric iron is used, you forget to cut off the power supply, or if it is not set properly, it is very easy to cause a fire. After testing, the surface temperature of 300 Watt, 500 Watt and 700 watt irons can reach 520 ℃, 600 ℃ and 620 ℃ respectively. Therefore, if the electric iron is placed on the combustible object, it will cause a fire only for a few minutes if it is left carelessly or temporarily. In addition, the waste heat of the electric iron can also cause a fire. After the electric iron is powered off, there is still high residual heat in a certain period of time. For example, it takes about half an hour for the temperature regulating electric iron to fall from 210 ℃ to 130 ℃, and about 76 minutes for the ordinary electric iron to fall from 600 ℃ to 130 ℃. In this period of time, if the electric iron encounters combustible materials, it can still cause fire. Moreover, the power line of the iron is plug-in type. If the plug or socket is damp or loose, it will cause leakage, heat, insulation material damage, and lead to plug-in and wire burning.

Fire prevention measures for electric iron:

First, the operator should not leave easily when using the electric iron. Second, in the interval of ironing clothes, the electric iron shall be placed vertically or on a special electric iron frame, and it shall not be placed on inflammable articles, nor on iron plates or bricks with inflammable substances below. Third, do not randomly place the iron that has just been cut off from power. It should be stored after it has completely cooled down. Fourth, do not power on the common electric iron for a long time to prevent the iron from overheating, ironing clothes and causing combustion. Fifthly, do not damp the power socket of the electric iron, and make sure that the plug and socket contact closely. Sixthly, the cross-section of the electric iron power supply line wire shall not be too small, and it shall not share a socket with other household appliances, nor be used with other household appliances with high power consumption, such as electric rice cooker, washing machine, etc., to prevent the line overload from causing fire.

Rice cooker

When the electric rice cooker is used to boil water, the temperature of the inner pot will not exceed 100 ℃, and the magnetic steel temperature limiter cannot jump up, which causes the electric heating plate to be electrified and overheated for a long time, and then the insulation will be burned to cause a fire. The ordinary aluminum pot instead of the inner pot or the electric rice pot does not contact with the electric heating plate closely, and the heat loss is large. When the temperature is less than 103 ℃, the electric heating plate is always electrified, resulting in overheating of the electric heating plate and fire.

There are many hidden dangers of electrical fire, we need to be alert at ordinary times! Improper use of electrical equipment in life is likely to cause fire and serious consequences. If we know more about the prevention of electrical fire and the prevention of electric shock in children’s homes, we can improve the awareness of fire fighting in our daily life, without any hidden danger of fire, we can have more peace in our life.