Laptop, in modern life, is an essential tool for professional white-collar workers. It’s a common thing to use laptop on their legs at work. But have you ever thought that you will get skin disease if you do this? Even more serious, it will lead to infertility! “Fever” computer leads to infertility? Have you heard of it?

“Fever” computer leads to infertility

Deng Shuming, director of the men’s clinic of Beijing hospital, suggested that men should not put laptops on their thighs, but on their desks. Wang, who is engaged in it work, is not only inseparable from computers in his work, but also often accompanies computers in his life. For convenience, Xiao Wang began to use a laptop the year before last, often putting it on his lap for work or entertainment. “But I didn’t expect that such a way would have hidden dangers to my health and even made me infertile. In fact, when the computer is hot, I also thought about whether it would affect health, but at that time, the main consideration was radiation hazards, and I didn’t think about the impact on reproduction at all. ” Wang, who wants to be his father, said that after the doctor’s inquiry and examination, the doctor highly doubted the impact of laptop computers on his infertility, which is likely to be one of the causes of the disease.

The influence of computer on sperm quality

Deng said that many research results show that if the notebook is used on the knee, the hot notebook and the supporting effect of two legs on the notebook will increase the temperature of the male genital area. If this method is adopted for a long time, it may lead to the reduction of the number and quality of sperm in men. Normal men’s sperm production needs to maintain the appropriate temperature, use the notebook on the knee, the heat generated by the machine and the incorrect sitting posture of the body will have adverse effects on male reproductive health.

In addition, director Deng mentioned that the radiation from computers can also affect the health of men and women, especially pregnant women. However, the specific research on computer radiation has not yet been finalized. Therefore, it is a safer way to minimize the time of using computers.

Sauna can also affect men’s health

“Riding a bicycle, wearing tight shorts or jeans, sauna and so on will increase the temperature of male reproductive parts, which will affect the reduction of sperm quantity and quality, and even have a relationship with male infertility. Therefore, in order to ensure male health, we should try to avoid the above lifestyle. ” However, these are more occasional behaviors, and many of the effects can be eliminated. In contrast, laptops are a part of many men’s daily lives, Deng said. So men should try to reduce the number of times they use their laptops on their knees.

Therefore, young men should never put their laptops on their legs. They should stay away from each other, or they may become impotent or even lose their fertility. This is absolutely not alarmist. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.