Height is the sum of head, spine and lower limbs, and it is an important sign of reflecting the growth of bone, especially long bone. So, finally found! The reason of affecting the height of children is auspicious, parents must see! Let the small editor of Baibai safety net understand it with you!

What are the factors that affect children’s height?

First, genetic factors

Heredity is the main factor affecting the height of children. Some people think that 60% of a person’s height depends on his parents’ genetic characteristics. The general genetic law is: parents are tall, and children are tall; parents are tall and children are short; parents are short and children are short.

Second, adequate and reasonable nutrition

The growth and development of bones determine the height of people. The growth of bone needs adequate and reasonable nutrition. In order to maintain life and normal physiological activities, people need to consume a certain amount of energy every day. The energy comes mainly from food. Different from adults, children need not only enough nutrition for their normal physiological activities, but also the nutrition for their larger activities and growth. Therefore, children have more requirements for nutrition than adults. They have to eat a variety of nutrients every day to ensure the growth and development of the body.

Third, guide children to participate in appropriate sports

Exercise is one of the important factors that affect children’s growth. Appropriate sports activities can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, promote metabolism, and make epiphyseal cartilage get sufficient nutrients. The growth of epiphyseal cartilage is exuberant, the growth and development of bone is fast, and the child grows naturally. It is reported that children of the same age and same sex who often participate in sports activities and those who do not like sports activities have a height difference of 4-8 cm.

Sports activities can promote children’s growth and development, but the arrangement should be reasonable, and the amount of flooding should be appropriate. Teenagers can jump rope, run, play ball, jump high and jump long. These exercises can pull muscles and ligaments, stimulate the formation of epiphyseal cartilage, and help to grow taller. Where conditions permit, children can be taken to swim. Swimming is a whole body sport, which is beneficial to the formation and development of bones. In addition, the pull up can lift and extend the spine, promote the growth of the spine, and the height will also be increased. Smaller children can run and jump outdoors, or bask in the sun, which is also good for growing up.

Fourth, make sure your child has enough sleep

A good sleep is also an important factor for children to grow tall. Why does a good sleep make a child grow up? The reason is that it is related to the most closely related auxin of children’s growth. The more auxin is secreted, the taller the child is. The amount of auxin secretion is mainly related to sleep. Auxin is generally secreted most in two hours after falling asleep, and gradually decreased in the third hour. At other times of sleep, there will be a second peak of secretion. So, if children sleep well, they can grow tall.

In addition to the above factors, other factors such as children’s mood, living habits, health conditions, geographical and climatic conditions have an impact on height. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.