Children’s electric shock accidents are frequently reported by the news media. When children get an electric shock, the effective first aid lies in fast and effective methods. That is to say, with the fastest speed and the right method, most of the people with electric shock can be revived. Then what are the first aid methods for electric shock? Next, Xiaobian will come to popularize the knowledge of first aid for children’s electric shock for you, and learn to be prepared!

First aid measures for children after electric shock

Children playing with electrical appliances, mistakenly touching the power supply and broken wires, or leaking pins, can cause electrical injury. Lightning or high-voltage electric shock can also be caused in rainy season. When the high-voltage line falls to the ground, as long as the two feet are separated within 10 meters around it, there may be an electric current flowing between the two feet and be shocked.

After the human body is shocked, the electric current passes through the human body, causing different degrees of electric burns at the contact part of the power supply, the outflow part of the electric current or a part of the electric shock part. The wound may be very small, but the skin is carbonized and blackened, penetrating into the musculoskeleton. When the electric shock occurs, the muscle may contract strongly, make the body bounce away from the power supply, or cling to the power supply instead, causing serious consequences. As a result of the shock effect of the current, it may cause fainting, respiratory center paralysis, respiratory arrest, ventricular fibrillation, and even cardiac arrest, etc., which are collectively referred to as electric shock. If not rescued in time, it may immediately cause death.

It is necessary to seize every minute and second in rescuing the children who are shocked by electric shock or electric shock. First of all, cut off the power supply. Do not directly contact children and power supply with hands or moist objects. Use dry wooden sticks, bamboo poles or plastic objects to pull the power supply or pull or remove the wires contacting children, or turn off the power switch or the main switch immediately. Injured children should rest on the spot to avoid walking. For slight burn, the injured part can be coated with gentian violet and wrapped with sterilized gauze and cotton. Severe burns should be treated by doctors. If the child’s face is pale or blue and purple, and the consciousness is lost, immediately touch the heart, observe the breathing action, and determine whether the breathing and heartbeat stop. For those who stop breathing and heartbeat, immediately carry out on-site cardiac compression and mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration, acupuncture at Renzhong, Shixuan, Neiguan, Yongquan and other points, and send the child to the hospital for rescue at the same time. During the rescue, it is also necessary to observe whether there is brain, bone and internal organs injury caused by the fall of children due to electric injury. If there is any, it should be treated in time.

In order to prevent children from electric shock, we should pay attention to the safe use of electricity. All kinds of home appliances should be installed in accordance with the installation standards. Switches, sockets, wires, etc. should be placed in places beyond children’s reach. Usually, children should be taught not to play with lamps, electrical appliances, bolts and other things.

Although electric shock and other injuries are low probability emergencies, it is safe to learn first aid measures in advance. In addition, preventive measures should be taken in advance at home to inform children not to touch the power supply device. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!