Bathing for babies is one of the key courses in the class for mothers. Once a baby is born and twice cooked, the number of bathing for babies is more, so mothers think they can leave school smoothly. But in some cases, bathing will damage the baby’s health. Baomums, do you make it?

90% of mothers make mistakes! Baby can’t take a bath in 5 hours

When you are just full

For a baby, it is not good for health to wash his head and bath after he has eaten. After having a full bath, it is easy to make food backflow, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. If you wash your hair at this time, it will also cause hypoxia, with more serious consequences. The right way to do this is to take a break after dinner, wait for the food to digest and then wash your hair.

Before and after fever

If the baby has a bad cold and fever, it is not allowed to take a bath within 48 hours. Because the cold, the baby’s resistance becomes very poor, bath, cold air will enter the pores, leading to aggravation of the disease. Therefore, when the baby has a fever, it’s better not to take a bath, and it’s not too late to wash again when the baby’s health is better.

3 when the skin is damaged

When the baby’s skin is damaged, it is easy to be infected with water and more difficult to recover. So Baoma’s attention, when the baby’s skin is damaged, the damaged skin should not be stained with water to prevent inflammation. If the baby has skin disease, should listen to the doctor’s advice, do not blindly bathe the baby.

4 frequent vomiting

When the baby spits out milk or vomits, do not bathe the baby first. You should wait for the baby to stop spitting and take a rest before bathing. Baoma’s attention, don’t because the baby spits milk will dirty clothes immediately to wash, baby vomiting is very uncomfortable, at this time Bathing will only make them more uncomfortable.

When in a bad mood

When the baby is unwilling to take a bath and strongly resists, don’t put the baby into the water easily to avoid the baby’s greater fear of taking a bath. At this time, parents should coax their babies to attract their attention, or hum some songs, hold and tap their babies to give them a sense of security.

&In these special circumstances, the baby is not suitable to take a bath at once. I hope that mothers will keep in mind that the common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still being updated. Please continue to pay attention to this website